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A matter of perspective. Michaele Cozzi: Three decades as a documentary photographer.

Michaele Cozzi’s photography studio in Superior is a study in black and white. The cinder-block walls are painted white; the concrete floor is dark and glossy. Attached to the walls, floor-to-ceiling panels of concrete reinforcement mesh serve as a vertical work space. Clipped to the wires with clothespins and black metal clamps are black-and-white photographs – hundreds of them. Some are small enough to hold in your hand, and some are large, as wide as a door. Read More »

See Bighorn Sheep at Canyon Lake from the Dolly Steamboat!

View bighorn sheep at Canyon Lake with Game and Fish and the Dolly Steamboat By Arizona Game and Fish Department The Arizona Game and Fish Department, in cooperation with the Dolly Steamboat and the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, is hosting a public workshop to see and learn about desert bighorn sheep, one of Arizona’s most fascinating large mammals. Read More »

Photo Workshop Features Globe Locations

The  1st annual Globe Photography Workshop hosted by Globe Miami Times was held on April 19,20 and 21st of this year and featured eight shooting locations and a half dozen models. The workshop was designed to offer up some of Globe’s unique locations which help to define this area and make them accessible to photographers. Read More »

Photo Gallery of Tex-Mex Festival by LC Gross

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