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Globetrotting:  “Mexican Food Capital of Arizona!

Food sustains our bodies, evokes emotion, marks ritual and ceremony, shows relational connection, and defines culture.  The gathering, cooking, and eating of food is unique between different ethnicities and distinctive to places, including a community like Globe-Miami.  We have our own local food history and culture which is one of …

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Insectary Plants in the Garden: More Than Meets the Eye

Flowering plants don’t just look pretty – they can also do some serious garden work. Beautiful, aromatic blossoms attract beneficial insects – such as pollinators – to the garden. And in vegetable gardens, you can enlist flowering plants to help with pest control, either attracting predators that keep populations of …

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Tonto National Forest restricts equestrian recreation in Goldfield/Bulldog Area, Lower Salt River

PHOENIX, May 29, 2020  Beginning today at 6:00pm, visitors to the Tonto National Forest will not be allowed to ride or take a horse, mule, burro or donkey into the area where the Salt River Horses currently reside (map included at end of release). On May 21, 2020, Arizona Department …

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42nd Annual Mountain Film Festival coming to you this year. Stream 100 films for just $75.

For 41 years, people have gathered in Telluride over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate adventure, big ideas and indomitable spirit at Mountainfilm. This year, in light of COVID-19, that annual gathering will look a little bit different. With overwhelming support from filmmakers, special guests and a down-for-anything community, Mountainfilm is …

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This Earth Day sees unprecedented rollback of environmental regulations.

Hidden Effect of the Coronavirus  While the nation is coping with coronavirus impacts and precautions, countless Americans are dealing with new realities such as unemployment, food scarcity, and isolation through social distancing. For most of us, this means prioritizing the things in our lives that mean the most such as …

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