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Singer/Songwriters draw praise for performances

Ma & Jack Antelope’ is the band name of Mathews and his pal Alicia Jones. Her slow, almost somnolent voice is a perfect counterpoint to his plaintive vocals, and his natural vibrato works exceptionally well with the material he’s written. Of special note is his original song, ‘Alexandria’s Burning’ which frankly feels like it was written by someone decades older than the twenty-one year old singer. It’s a moving, wistful and eloquently penned piece which had me dabbing at my eyes- and I’m not a crier.

Here I wake in this crumbling catacomb, with tattered papyrus of Kodachrome and an aching arc of thoughts…

And then there’s this:

Our phosphorescent songs are but glacial silt as Anubis wraps and entraps us tight…

Chris shared the lyrics of some fifteen other original songs he’s written when I saw him at a Vida e Caffe show earlier this month and the depth and precision of his writing is both surprising yet delightful. It’s rare to see this level of communication at all, let alone in someone of his age.

Jones has been performing for a couple of years and while her quirky behavior (guitar-knocking and a haunting, otherworldly presence) have been noted by past audiences, her pairing with Mathews is a fresh approach. She’s exotic and sultry, while he’s open and animated. These two distinct voices, melded with guitar, harmonica, keyboards and percussion are worth listening to.

Chris Mathews new album: Into the Black Hole
Chris Mathews new album: Into the Black Hole

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