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History of Newspapers in Globe-Miami, Arizona

Over the years, Globe has been home to 13 newspapers, the first known as one of the earliest regular weekly newspapers in the state which was founded in Globe, then moved to Miami and finally back to Globe where it is still in publication.

Several you will note, did not even have an ending date listed in newspaper archives, as they came and went with the times, lasting only a short while.

For a community with 131 years of history, 13 newspapers is a relatively small number.

1 – Arizona Silver Belt, published in Globe until 1907, first under the firm hand of Judge Aaron             Hackney until his death, and then his nephew, Joseph Hamill. The paper was then leased             a short time before being purchased by Cleve Van Dyke and moved to the new             community of Miami.  It later returned to Globe in 1975 and is still in existence.

2 – Globe Chronicle, printed in Globe from 1880 to 1883.

3 – Globe Times, started in 1898 but lasted  a very short time.

4 – Arizona Register, another short-term paper that began in 1904 and closed shortly after.

5 – The Daily Arizona Silver Belt was not printed in Globe, but was sold locally between 1906             and 1929.

6 – The Globe Miner started publication in 1907, but was in production only a short time.

7 – The Daily Globe, another short-timer, was published in 1909-1910.

8 – The Daily Globe of Globe began publication in 1911, soon became the Globe Democrat

and lasted only the one year.

9 – The Globe Republican came along when the Arizona Silver Belt was moved to Miami, but

soon became the Arizona Record, with Joseph Hamill coming out of retirement to take on             the new paper, which operated until 1975, when it returned to the original Arizona Silver             Belt name. All together this paper has been published under the two names for 129 years.

10 – The Globe Leader made its appearance in 1915, but lasted only a short time.

11 – From 1915 to 1961, there are no new newspapers listed for the City of Globe, until the Gila             County Review was started in 1961, lasting only a short time.

12 – The Copper Country Shopper was started in 1984 as an advertising paper, but soon turned             into a full newspaper, the Copper Country News, which is still in operation today.

13 – In 1993, the Arizona Silver Belt started an advertising paper, the Gila County Advantage,             which is still in operation.

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  1. Where would the Gila County American fit into this list. It astarted in the mid sixties to inform about Evan Mechum and Sam Steiger. I think it lasted several years. it was coodinated by a Tom Anderson. It was a weekly
    newspaper for Globe and Miami but was printed in Phx. Cyote Wolfe also wrote a times of yore column about the area. I have clipping from this paper but they are currently lost in the boxes.

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