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The Palmer Report June 17th – 23rd

Howlin’ Booty and the Blue Mountain Band

This Saturday at the Drift Inn Saloon Howlin Booty and the Blue Mountain Band will be performing live music from 9:30am until the cows come home. Eli Miller, Aaron Zufelt and Matt Medrano have been playing music together for over a decade. Eric Barrientos adds his own flavor of high energy guitar playing. Together these guys form one of the most well known bands in the Globe-Miami area. I have to warn you, the high energy of Howlin Booty’s rock n’ roll is not for the faint at heart.howlin booty


Low Expectations

Low Expectations has hit the ground running since their recent conception. You can catch these guys playing ever single weekend at one gig or another. Quickly becoming a staple of the Globe-Miami music scene; Justin Justice, Daniel Philpot, Josh Cummings and Ken Hernandez are hard working, professional musicians who know how to have a good time. One of the best qualities that these guys represent is their ability to play to any room, big or small, young or old. Come on out to Humphrey’s Two Lanes Saloon on Saturday, starting at 9:30pm, to catch our local darlings in action.

low ex

Stephen Palmer

Before you go out to catch the full band sound of Howlin Booty at the Drift and Low Expectations at Two Lanes, come by Farley’s Pub at 7pm for some relaxing tunes from our local singer/songwriters. Stephen Palmer hosts his bi-weekly open mic event, “Palmer and Pals”. Young or old, country, rock or even hip hop, we have it all. I encourage any musician, beatnik poetry writer or comedian to come down and add to the flavor.aaa


If Friday night is your night out I recommend going by Two Lanes Saloon and catching Sinthetic live as they host a night of celebration. The festivities begin at 9:30pm. Sinthetic is Shon Bywater, Aaron Zufelt and Daniel Philpot.


Globe Miami Farmers Market

The Globe-Miami Farmers’ Markets runs from 8:00 – 11:00 am every Saturday from June to October. It is conveniently located in front of Globe City Hall at 150 N. Pine Street. Other wise known as the Downtown Globe Train Park. Various artists perform live music, the food is inexpensive and the atmosphere is of the best quality. Start your weekend off on the right foot.

farmers market

About Stephen Palmer

Stephen Palmer is an Arizona native, born and raised. With his ear to the ground and head in the clouds Stephen brings a passion to life that is as complex as it is full of joy. Reader beware the adventures of an untamed mind.

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