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Prison Politics: A reading/Action LIST

STATEWIDE ISSUES regarding Private Prisons within the last 2 years

WISCONSIN            May 2010  Is Wisconsin turning into a huge Prison

ARIZONA               July 2010 Governor Jan Brewers ties to CCA (Corrections Corp of America) Burn like Neon

Are Private Prisons Worth The Savings? KPHO5 “Security Guards don’t receive retirement benefits…Are not bonified corrections officers”

OKLAHOMA           December 2009   Oklahoma gears up to fight the spread of Private Prisons in their State

GENERAL ISSUES regarding Private Prisons

What’s Costlier than a State Run Prison? A Private One.

Law OK’S Dangerous Criminals in Private Prisons   KGUN9/Tucson

Not as cost effective as they say, Private prisons are on the defense. Arizona Daily Star  Aug. 29th.

Private Prisons https://azstarnet.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_3d8f0896-298f-5728-aa27-2a5a2cb545d3.html

Local Issues

Ted Lake reports for AZ Silverbelt  Aug. 11  “Apparently the private prison north of Kingman is similiar to the new medium security prison being proposed in Globe which is being aggressively pushed by the local economic development corporation. The Arizona Silver Belt asked the Arizona Department Corrections if the new Globe prison would be also  housing convicted murderers. We were told that would not be an unusual situation at all and it depends on how the prisoners were classified.” Read More

Communities which have Opposed Private Prisons in their Back Yards

Prescott Valley Prison all but Dead

Benson City Council says no. Wants Funding Assurance

Contact your City Councilperson

Letters can be addressed to each individual at City Hall   150 N Pine Street  Globe, Az 85501

Fernando Shipley   Mayor

Carmen Casillas     District 5

Thea Wilshire    District 2

Lerry Alderman  District 6

Mary Ann Uhl   District 3

Desi Baker  DIstrict 4

Contact your County Supervisor

Letters may be addressed to each Supervisor at  1400 E Ash Street  Globe Az  85501

Mike Pastor

Shirley Dawson

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