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Palmer Report June 1st

Is that gold in them there hills? No sir, those are called poppy flowers. They litter the hillsides and roadways of Globe-Miami and will soon be gone. Every spring poppies are brought to life in our area and every summer they disappear. Like all things in life they are a temporary treat to be enjoyed. Be grateful for the beautiful things in your life, for in time, they too will disappear. Do not wait for tomorrow when you can live life today.

Summer Fun

As a kid I always believed the best aprt of summer to be swimming. In the Globe-Miami area we currently have two choices in swimming pools, the Cobre Valley Country Club and the  Miami Hostetler Pool. The Country Club Pool is for members only. However, membership is very affordable and the pool can be rented out for private parties as well. If you are looking for a public pool you can cruise on down to Sullivan Street in Miami and pay only a couple of bucks to swim at the Hostetler Pool. Be sure to check in on their schedule for special dates as well as swim lessons and water aerobics.

Swimming Pools

Taste of the Month

This time around I am suggesting two different stops for the taste of the month. The Copper Country Rendezvous  and  Noel’s Sweets and Gifts. Plan the perfect family get away right here in Globe, Arizona. The Copper Country Rendezvous has great family food and fun available from 11am to 7pm Tuesday through Thursday and 11am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday. You can follow up that tasty meal with some ice-cream or other tasty desserts at Noel’s Sweets and Gifts. The two businesses are only a short walk from each other and are also in walking distance to the Globe City Park or Hollis Cinemas. Now that summer is here we all need a few ideas on what to do with all that childhood energy.

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Gettin’ Rockin’ Rowdy

Howlin’ Booty and the Blue Mountain Band will be performing live on Saturday June 4th at the Drift Inn Saloon in Globe, Arizona. The party starts at just before 9pm and goes all night. This is destined to be a special show as it is a celebration of Eli Miller’s birthday- one of the founding members of Howlin Booty. These boys having playing together in one band or another for over a decade. You can feel the bond of chemistry that they share as they rock the stage with their own version of rockin’ roll. Check out their Facebook page for more shows and info.

Howlin' Booty

Open Mind for Open Mic

As a final farewell to his post hosting Farley’s Pub open mic Stephen Palmer will be releasing his second single ‘The INU‘ on Saturday June 4th from 8pm until midnight. Come out and share in the experience of homegrown music right here in Globe, Arizona. If you wish to play a song of your own you are more than welcome to bring your voice or instrument into the pub for a knee slappin’ good time. Stephen Palmer will also be playing at the Miami Antique and Art-walk earlier that evening from 6pm to 8pm in Downtown Miami, Arizona. CD’s will be sold at $5 a piece your you may listen to the music free online at www.stephenpalmer84.com.

The big

About Stephen Palmer

Stephen Palmer is an Arizona native, born and raised. With his ear to the ground and head in the clouds Stephen brings a passion to life that is as complex as it is full of joy. Reader beware the adventures of an untamed mind.

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