Masonic Temple

The Masonic Temple-1912

The Masonic Temple, formerly known as the Hanna Building, was built in 1912 by the Masonic Lodge.

Nadine’s Ladies Wear-current

In 1912, the Masonic Temple was constructed, making it one of several concrete poured buildings in Globe. It was originally known as the Hanna Building, after the photographer and owner of Palace Pharmacy at the time, Forman Hanna.  The divided ground floor was for commercial use, while the upper story was used for the lodge. In 1928, the Palace Pharmacy moved into the north part of the ground floor.

Now referred to as the Masonic Temple, the asymmetrical Neoclassical Revival facade gives the building its unusual appearance. Alterations including triple-hung windows and aluminum trim were added later. The two original recessed entries were built about a central pier. Located at the south end is the stairway to the second story.

The current Masonic Lodge

After the owner of the time, Jim Felling, retired, Palace Pharmacy was sold and moved to the Amster Building. The Masonic Temple is now occupied by Nadine’s Ladies Wear.

Phone: 928-425-7139

Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 10:30-5:00 Saturday 10:30-300


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