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Frank Sinatra Can’t Make It. Who Ya Gonna Call?…..Lorraine Ellison (?).

Picture 45 mostly white professional studio musicians sitting a Warner Brothers recording studio  waiting for none other than Frank Sinatra.  But, where’s Frank!

Music Soul Chris
18 year old Lorraine Ellison

Strings, horns harps, all waiting to get the chance to swing with Frank.  Now picture being told that Frank was not going to show and instead, they would provide back-up for 18 year old Lorraine Ellison. Lots of groans and sighs but, the check was in the mail so they agree to sit through it.  Lorraine reached # 22 on the R&B charts in ‘65 with I Dig You Baby  but this little tune reached #11 on the R&B charts and #64 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

So, whether you like the tune or not, put yourself in Lorraine’s shoes for a minute.  You’re black, 18 years old standing at the microphone  in front of Frank Sinatra’s studio band knowing full well that they have no interest at all in a 3 minute soul session with….who is this again?

General consensus is that the band was handed the charts and looked them over for a few minutes while they tuned up.  Studio bands were used to last minute scores being shoved down from the podium so in a few minutes, they were ready to go.  The engineer, the very well known and respected Jerry Ramone, gave the thumbs up and a studio conductor raised the baton.

And I quote, “Those that were there when she laid her soul bare….say the walls shook.  They say the tape almost broke.  They say that the 40-odd mostly string players almost dropped their instruments as she began to wail”.  I imagine that was a pretty good day for Ms. Lorraine Ellison, heard here singing her hit, Stay With Me.

If you think you have heard some of her tunes, you may be thinking of Janis Joplin who very successfully covered one of Lorraine’s hits, Try (Just a little Bit Harder).

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