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Family Matters By Samson Peden

An excerpt from “Family Matters” by Samson Peden

As Booker and Dewitt sat in the middle of the cold forest next to a small campfire, as Booker watched the blood gush from his open wound on his arm, and Dewitt desperately wrapped cloth around it keeping pressure on the wound, Booker started thinking back to the beginning when everything was so simple…

Booker was 17 years old when his dad passed away. Now he was 18, about a year since.

Grandpa was trying to grow the crops as best as he could but the cold weather made it too hard. It was winter, Booker remembered. It was cold with the clattering of the construction workers building houses. Then he heard Grandpa mumbling as he walked in the door. Booker knew whenever there was something bad Grandpa would always mumble. Booker walked up to Grandpa and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Grab the family. Take them to the living room, I have some bad news,” Grandpa replied.  The family was there looking at Grandpa. Then, “With the cold weather it’s been hard to grow crops, and a lot of them died. I didn’t bring in that much money,” Grandpa announced…

GMT is now featuring student content from Globe schools. This is an excerpt from a narrative story written by a 6th grade language arts student at High Desert Middle School.

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