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County holds FREE appliance and metal recycling day at Landfill

GILA COUNTY- Gila County Recycling and Landfill Management will hold a free appliance and metal recycling day on Saturday, September 9, from 6 am to 4 pm at Russell Gulch Landfill in Globe-Miami.

Gila County will waive the fee for all appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dishwashers, dryers, portable trash compactors, water heaters, and all other metal items. Please do not tamper with Freon lines. The landfill will handle Freon removal.

 “We really try to be out there helping our community,” says Sharon Winters, manager of Gila County Recycling & Landfill Management. “It’s important to us.” Winters explains that after the metal arrives at the landfill, it is diverted to one of a handful of facilities in the valley that deal specifically with metal processing. There the metal gets crushed, recycled, and sent out to be repurposed. By recycling metal, paper, plastic, and tires, and diverting hazardous products like oil, batteries, and computers from the landfills, the Gila County Recycling & Landfill Management Department adds an additional month to the life of our landfills each year.

“We’re always striving to save people money, and meet the needs of the community and the environment,” says Winters. Gila County Recycling & Landfill Management offers these appliance and metal recycling days twice a year, in addition to other recycling events throughout the year such as free paint and tire recycling.

For more information call 928- 425-7470. Russell Gulch Landfill is located at 5891 E. Hope Lane.


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