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Apache Jii Festival 2013

This year’s 30th annual Apache Jii Festival took place on Oct. 19. There was a great turnout, including locals as well as out-of-towners from the likes of White Mountain and beyond. Performers like Dineh Tah came from as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“It’s an honor to be here to share our traditions and blessings with the people, especially the Apaches,” said Shawn Price of Dineh Tah. “This is about bringing our knowledge and blessings here.”

We included some of our favorite photos from this year’s festival in the photo gallery below. You can find more photos in our next print issue, on the Society Page.


  1. Very nice pictures Linda. Me and Scott and my son were there, lots of beautiful jewelry and artwork and of course the food was amazing.

    • Thanks Dani. Actually all the photos and the coverage were done by Jenn Walker this year. She does do a great job on covering events with her camera. I missed it this year since I was in Tucson last weekend, but it looks like there were some great performances. ~L

  2. I really dig the portrait of Carrie Curley with sitting with her art and the action shot of Dinah Teh performing the bow and arrow dance!

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