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Frequently Asked

Do you have a question that is not listed below? Shoot us an email editor@globemiamitimes.com. We’ll be happy to answer it here! 

About the Publication:

1. How often does Globe Miami Times come out in print?

Four times a year! January, April, July and October. 

2. Where can I get my hands on a copy?

You can pick up a copy FOR FREE at over 65 locations from Glendale and Apache Junction to Roosevelt and Payson, as well as throughout the Globe-Miami-Superior-San Carlos area. We distribute 13,000 papers each quarter and offer an online digital edition of the paper, as well as  subscriptions for $16.00 annually.

3. Where can I read stories from past issues?

It’s all archived here, just navigate through our tabs up top! Or you can use the SEARCH box to type in a name or subject.

4. What happened to GMTeconnect and GMTnewsnviews?

The short answer is that they were replaced by this website, which is far easier to navigate and serves similar purposes. If you want the long answer, click HERE.

5. I wrote a letter to the editor. Will it show up online and in print?

If it’s approved, your letter will definitely show up online. Unlike print publications, your letter doesn’t have to wait a week to be printed. We will post your letter within 48 hours if approved. What gets approved, you ask? Please visit our “Tips for writing a Letter to the Editor” for best practices.

6. My organization is throwing an event and we’d like GMT to cover it. What do we do?

If there is an event you want us to cover, simply contact us… We can’t make it out to all of them but we’ll at least put it on our events calendar.

7. I’d like to write/photograph for GMT. Will you publish my work?

There are several possible ways you can contribute! Please see our Contributing Content section on our “About” page.

About mining:

Do they still mine in this area? 

Yes! Although the locals who live here would be astounded by that question, many visitors have asked us if there are still active copper mines in the Globe-Miami area. The short answer is yes! We have several companies who have active mining operations in the region, including Freeport McMoRan, Capstone Companies (who bought the Pinto Valley Operations from BHP Billiton in 2013), ASARCO, which operates the Ray Mine near Winkelman, and Carlotta Copper.