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Warning to Globe utility customers paying online

Globe recently discovered that a third-party on-line bill pay website which is designed to look like it is affiliated with the city  has been collecting payments from local citizens who pay their bills online. The company, DOXO.com charges a fee and has created issues of late-pay notices despite customers paying Doxo on time.  

It should be noted that, while third-party sites are legal, not all third-party sites are equal. And this one is causing problems in the Globe area. 

DOXO.com is based in California and is able to reach Globe customers who search for online bill pay in the area because their Google listing is the first one that shows up on a google search. Local residents think they are going to Globe’s bill pay site when they are actually going to DOXO.

Linda Oddonetto, Executive Assistant to Globe’s city manager, said the City was just made aware of the fact recently when they had to resolve an issue for a customer who had paid through Doxo and yet their account was tagged as delinquent.  

The City is now trying to get the word out to customers about this issue.


This Google listing fools many people into clicking on the link which is run by a California company who collects payments for a living. They charge a fee for this. If you use the City’s’ portal there are NO FEES.

Please note: The City of Globe does offer an online payment system which is found on their website.  We’ve pointed out the Grey Button in the upper right hand corner (see graphic above) so you know where to find the right link. 
That is where you go to pay your online bill. There are NO FEES for doing so through the Globe’s pay portal. And your payments are documented promptly. The site is called EXPRESS PAY and you can reach it by clicking…… HERE. 


Please quit paying a California company money to pay your local utility bill.  Pass it Along. 





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