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The Pinal Fire

Pinal Fire

On May 8, 2017, a discharge of cloud-to-ground lightning struck an oak tree in the Pinal Mountains. It was a dying tree with smooth grey deadwood in its canopy and offered little resistance to a bolt of super-heated lightning that delivered 50,000 degrees F. of fire- starting power.  The smoke was spotted by a resident in nearby Six Shooter Canyon and an engine crew was dispatched from the Globe Ranger Station to check it out. They found the tree burning at 6,700 feet on a steep, east-facing slope high above Pioneer Pass. A few days later, a photo of the tree’s charred shell was posted on Tonto National Forest’s Facebook page. You could almost smell the smoke lingering at its base. It was the origin of the Pinal Fire. This past winter, fire management officers, and other specialists at the Globe Ranger District and the five other districts on the Tonto National Forest, identified specific areas in the forest where the ecosystem would benefit from a naturally-caused wildfire. One of these planning areas was a north-facing swath of the Pinal Mountains that had not seen fire in over 60 years.    Read More »

Public invited to Community Meeting Sunday May 21 to discuss Pinal Fire

The Pinal Fire. This photo was taken on May 19th at dusk by Kenneth Chan.

The Pinal Fire which began on May 8th due to a lightening strike is a controlled burn which now covers over 1400 acres. It is being allowed to burn underbrush which has accumulated in the area for nearly 65 years since the last fire in 1952.   Read More »

Off Road Adventure in the Pinal Mountains #1

So I brought along an old camera that wasn’t so sensitive to dust and met a passel of people in front of The Huddle Sports Bar for my adventure to the top of the Pinals and beyond. Owners, Steve and Tracy Quick moved here in 2003 and Tracy says one of the first things she purchased was a  RHINO.. “that “amazing off road vehicle” which Yamaha will tell you is part ATV, part monster truck. Read More »