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Man’s leg badly injured while crossing train near Broad Street

A man’s leg was severely injured this evening when he attempted to cross a stopped train in the Arizona Eastern Railroad switch yard on Broad Street. He was flown to a Valley trauma center for treatment.

The incident is still under investigation, but, according to Globe Police, the man was trying to cross the stopped train when it began to move, entangling him with a mechanism on the train. “Stopped trains are unavoidable in Globe,” Chief Mark Nipp wrote in a news release. “The Globe Police Department would like to remind everyone that there is no safe way to cross a stopped train. This tragic incident demonstrates the inherent danger that crossing stopped trains presents.”

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) statistics record that 909 pedestrian rail trespass casualties occurred in 2015 in the United States. In Arizona, 21 people were killed or injured in 2016, according to the FRA.

“Trains and pedestrians do not mix,” Nipp wrote. “Please be safe.”

Information contained in this report courtesy of Globe Police Department

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