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Globe woman dies in Valentine’s Day pedestrian/vehicle collision

By Aimee Staten

A Globe woman’s decision to try to cross a busy highway appears to have cost her her life. Shirlinda Paxson, 28, was declared dead at the scene of a pedestrian traffic collision on Hwy. 60 across from Auto Zone on Feb. 14 at about 6:30 p.m., according to the Globe Police Department.

Paxton attempted to cross the highway during heavy traffic and was struck by a vehicle traveling eastbound. Globe Police Mark Nipp wrote that although the investigation is ongoing, “it does not appear that the driver was at fault, and this was a tragic accident.”

Several members of Facebook’s Globe Miami Social Site questioned why the roads remained open during the investigation into Paxton’s death. According to Nipp, the eastbound lanes were closed while police looked into the cause of the accident, and traffic was redirected down the center lane of the highway.

Officers from the Globe Police Department requested assistance from the Arizona Department of Public safety, and the Globe and Tri City Fire Departments also responded to the scene.

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