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Chamber recognizes Sharon Winters as ‘Citizen of the Month’

GLOBE-Sharon Winters is the inaugural recipient of the Citizen of the Month program for the Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Recognized for her extensive service, especially in the area of recycling and the Clean and Beautiful program, she also has been instrumental in partnering with the state prison program and taking discarded bicycles and repairing, rebuilding and repainting them to be given at Christmas to area youngsters.

Sharon Winters: Courtesy Photo

“Sharon is the one person who would not let go of the idea of recycling program in Globe,” one letter writer noted. The large blue recycling containers that take plastic and paper products are attributable to Sharon who has worked hard to make sure that residents have access to recycling. This also ensures that this waste stream bypasses the landfill.

“Sharon is a wonderful example of what is possible when someone cares about the people of these community and takes action to do something positive. She is already a hero in my book. Sharon Winters’ efforts have and continue to make a positive impact on our community,” it was noted.

Congratulations to Sharon Winters, our first winner of the Citizen of the Month award for February.

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