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Headstones And History: The Find A Grave Project

“Be careful when you step on a grave. With all this rain the ground is soft. You may sink a little bit,” says Joe, “and that’s scary.” Wearing long pants, sturdy shoes and broad rimmed hats, Joe Skamel, a local volunteer for Find A Grave and I begin our field day at the Globe Cemetery which dates back to 1876. Many of the graves here are unmarked and the writing on many headstones is difficult-to-impossible to read. Weeds and high grass make it even more difficult to find what we are looking for.  Our task, on this hot August morning is to photograph as many headstones from our list of graves as we can find. Read More »

Old Dominion Mine Park in Globe to host Dogtoberfest October 28th

This October Globe will be going to the dogs – and there is quite a bit of excitement about it! The first ever Dogtoberfest Celebration will take place at the Old Dominion Mine Park (ODMP) on Saturday, October 28th from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., featuring a Bark in the Park walk, costume contests, activity zone, show of skills, small dog races and booths. Activities will include 1- and 2-mile walks, a sub-woofer (small dog) race for pups under 10 pounds and an activity zone called Muttropolis, with dog brain teasers, paw painting, crafts for owners (such as make your own dog toys and dog clothes) and kids’ crafts. There will also be a Vanity Fur pet portrait studio with Kenneth Chan and a food zone serving hot dogs, chips and drinks provided by Carl and Rebecca Williams of Dream Manor Inn. Booths will offer dog-related services, products, art and resources. Read More »

Travelers discover AirBnB Hosts in Globe-Miami

By Patti Daley Travelers who are looking for a more local and authentic experience are flocking to AirBnB which can be cheaper than a hotel – and cozier. Here in Globe-Miami there are a handful of hosts and a growing number of listings which include everything from private bedrooms and small studio apartments to bunks in a backyard bungalow and a six-bedroom house on a hill.  Read More »

New Attraction in Globe, Arizona designed to Haunt Visitors

All the pounding and sawing inside the historic jail in Globe over the month of August has raised questions about the possibility of sinister happenings in these parts. Tales of crazed zombies desperately scratching at windows and the sounds of unearthly moans emanating from the ghostly throats of long-gone prisoners have caused concern among the local folks, and they are demanding answers. Since Sept. 28, citizens have taken to lining up in front of the historic jail house on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at sun-down so they can see the goings-on for themselves. This is expected to continue through the weekends in the month of October and end with a special showing for kids on Halloween night. Trouble is, the more people that are allowed in, the more screams and maniacal laughter are heard by those on the outside. Read More »

Lizards and Prickly Pear Fruit: Learning goes on at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Boyce Thompson Arboretum- Labor Day Weekend will soon be in the rearview mirror — Summer events are ending – and Saturday Sept. 9 brings your final chance to learn about lizards on a guided walk at Boyce Thompson Arboretum  (plus another  ‘Last Call’ opportunity to learn to pick, process and prepare prickly pear cactus fruit). Free to BTA annual members, weekend events are included with $12.50 admission for non-members.  Learn Your Lizards guided walk at 8 a.m. This entertaining guided tour around the gardens is not just for kids — popular lizard walks are for all who enjoy Arizona’s most common, colorful and charismatic little reptiles. There’s no additional fee to attend and no pre-registration necessary, just be in the Visitor Center breezeway at Eight O’clock  start time. Guides include AZ Game & Fish Department reptile researcher Dan Leavitt.       *    Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Class with Botanist Patty West at 10:30 a.m.   Wish you knew how to pick a peck o’ prickly pears, turning the bright red fruits into syrup you can use in margaritas, smoothies – or a batch of tasty jelly or tangy BBQ sauce? Flagstaff ethnobotanist Patty West has been picking and preparing P’pears for over 20 years and has her own unique spin on cactus cuisine. Read More »

Tonto National Forest Fee Implementation Continues

PHOENIX, August 8, 2017—   New Developed Campground Fees Going into effect The Tonto National Forest continues to implement fee changes.  These changes were based on two years of public input regarding how recreational users and the public would like developed recreation sites managed.  Based on the public’s desire to keep sites open and operated by the Tonto National Forest, a new fee structure is being implemented in stages. Read More »

Fishing tournaments to resume at Apache, Canyon lakes

Saguaro Lake tournaments remain suspended  The U.S. Forest Service has been notified by the Arizona Game and Fish Department that fishing tournaments at Apache and Canyon Lakes can resume, effective immediately. Fishing tournaments were temporarily suspended when golden alga (Prymnesium parvum) blooms developed over large portions of the lakes. Golden alga produces a toxin (prymnesin) that affects any organism with gills. Although golden alga is still present, the blooms have subsided considerably and are no longer producing toxin.  However, the golden alga bloom is still a concern at Saguaro Lake and the tournament suspension will remain in place until the bloom diminishes.  The Arizona Game and Fish Department will continue to monitor the golden alga at all the Salt River-chain lakes. Golden alga blooms are not a public health threat. The toxins that golden alga produce are only harmful to gill-breathing organisms such as fish and clams, and there is no evidence they are harmful to people, livestock or other animals. However, as a precaution, fish that are found dead or dying should not be consumed. Read More »

Gila Countys’ Rosa McKay: Champion of women’s rights

She was knocked down by gunmen as she marched into the Bisbee Western Union office, but that did not deter Rosa McKay from sending a telegram to President Woodrow Wilson requesting “protection for the women and children of the Warren District.”    It was July 12, 1918, and Cochise County Legislator Rosa McKay watched helplessly as over 1,200 deputies led by Sheriff Harry Wheeler rounded up 2,000 striking copper miners in Bisbee, placed them on railroad cars and left them in the desert outside of Columbus, New Mexico. When local officials told McKay that Sheriff Wheeler had ordered all women and children off the streets of Bisbee that day, she replied, “There is not enough gun men in the United States to drive me off the streets today.”  Read More »

Nurd Berger owner cited for violating city sign code

Mayor wants Nurd Berger grandfathered in after codes are fixed Whether a sign or a mural or whether one supports or despises the new artwork on the side of the popular Nurd Berger Café, its appearance soon after the death of actress Carrie Fisher in December has raised questions about what is acceptable to the community and to Globe city code. Nurd Berger, which is just north of Hwy. 60 on Hill Street in Globe, has a bit of a cult following with its grilled sandwiches, coffee, gaming and occasional live music. The tiny restaurant is crammed with high school students, out-of-towners and regulars from lunch to dinner time. Two years ago, Taylor Harrison bought the building, which was a rundown flower shop, as well as the house directly behind it. Most of the money he makes at the café goes into restoring the historical house – built in 1905 – on the property, he said. He learned two things after the artists began work on the mural. The first was that he may need a city permit to paint the sign or mural, and the second was that his property was located in the historical preservation district. “I didn’t ... Read More »

29th Annual Apache Leap Mining Festival celebrates copper

  SUPERIOR – The annual festival will be held March 17th – 19th beginning with a kick off Friday night at 5 pm with live music, carnival, vendors with yummy food and great retail items along with a beer garden.  Saturday the event begins at 10 am with the traditional parade followed by 2 days of fun and entertainment. Read More »