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Play nice when recycling. Don’t recycle kitty litter and other such things.

GILACOUNTY-Recently Gila County Landfill staff has been finding lots of stuff besides recycling in the large green bins that are available to the public. From cactus to cat litter to sheet rock, the County employees who hand sort the contents of the bins have seen an increase lately in these contaminants. In order keep the bins available as a free resource to the public, it is important that only types 1-3 plastics go in the green bins. “Types 1-3” refers to the number on the bottom of the bottle. To keep it simple, remember that beverage bottles are almost always type 1-3. Staff is happy to remove the odd plastic item that doesn’t meet the requirements, but trash and other contaminants can compromise their safety and bring the process to a halt.   If you have any questions about recycling in Gila County call 928-425-7470. Read More »

Globe Mayor updates community on latest City actions

The Haunted Jail The Haunted Jail opened on October 28th and will be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until October 31st from 6 pm to 10 pm.  The Haunted Jail event is made possible by AZ Productions, LLC.  This is as high quality haunt similar to those built in the Phoenix area.  The entry fee is a reasonable $16.00.  A Zombie Paintball vendor is set up across the street for the entire event.   Spaces for local vendors are available also during the haunt times.  You can go online and get information at www.globehauntedjail.com. Read More »

Transportation Survey for Gila County wants to hear from YOU

CAG- The Central Arizona Governments (CAG) Transit Feasibility Survey is designed to identify opportunities and needs, demand for public transportation, and local mobility issues. The results of the survey will help define future public transportation options in greater Gila County.  Submit your completed survey by September 30th to be entered to win one of two $50 Visa gift cars.  For more information or alternative means to complete the survey, please call Travis Ashbaugh at 480-474-9300.  To take the survey please click HERE:     Read More »

Gila County Health Department breaks new ground in fight against opioid abuse

GILA COUNTY-The Gila County Health Department is the first county health department in the state to make naloxone available free to the public. The “recovery kits” contain two doses of naloxone (the drug that can reverse an opioid overdose), two intramuscular syringes, and clear instructions on when and how to administer the drug.  The potentially life-saving injection should be administered in one of four major muscle groups and does not have to be injected into a vein to be beneficial. Because the antidote is injected into a muscle, the syringes included in the kit are different than those made to inject into veins. Read More »

Globe Mayors’ Report for August

Globe,AZ_ The Haunted Jail Construction has begun this week for the haunted house event that will run from September 28th until October 31st. The old 1910 jail on Oak Street will be used at the entry way and then will extend into the alley way behind the Center For The Arts. The alley way will remain closed for the entire time. Rural Policy Forum Some Council and staff attended the Rural Policy Forum that was held in Safford on August 9th through 11th. There were various presentations on similar issues that affect rural cities throughout Arizona. All rural cities need to think of regionalism and collaboration as we work at elevating our communities to the next level. We are currently working on a branding and a marketing study for our city. Read More »

County holds FREE appliance and metal recycling day at Landfill on September 9th

GILA COUNTY- Gila County Recycling and Landfill Management will hold a free appliance and metal recycling day on Saturday, September 9, from 6 am to 4 pm at Russell Gulch Landfill in Globe-Miami. Gila County will waive the fee for all appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dishwashers, dryers, portable trash compactors, water heaters, and all other metal items. Please do not tamper with Freon lines. The landfill will handle Freon removal. Read More »

County BOS approves agreement with Pinal County to house youth offenders

(GILA COUNTY, AZ)— Although the Gila County Juvenile Detention Center in Globe is officially closed, the Juvenile Probation Department continues to detain juveniles as needed in a different facility.  Closing the detention center was prudent for fiscal reasons, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars to Gila County taxpayers every year. Over the past decade juvenile crime has been on the decline in Arizona and across the country.  As juvenile crime has declined, so has the number of juveniles detained in detention facilities and juvenile prisons. Read More »

Supervisors step up to support Gila County Fair

GILA COUNTY- As part of its continued support of the Gila County Fair, the Gila County Board of Supervisors gave $10,000 to the fair this week. The 2017 Gila County Fair will be September 21-24 at the Gila County Fairgrounds in Globe. Pictured left to right are District 2 Supervisor Tim R. Humphrey, Gila County Fair Board Chair Janet Cline, and District Three Supervisor Woody Cline. For more information about the Gila County Fair call Julie Hazen (vendors) at 928-961-0938, Erin Sanders (exhibits) at 928-812-2090, or Janet Cline (fair board chair) at 928-812-4333. Read More »

Gila County approves tax rates

The Gila County Board of Supervisors officially approved the tax rates for all jurisdictions for the 2017-2018 fiscal year at its regular meeting on August 21. The board’s action at Monday’s meeting approves the tax rates set by special taxing districts, such as fire and school districts, and sets the County primary tax rate, which has not increased for eight consecutive years. Approving these tax rates is required by state law and allows the Gila County Treasurer to collect taxes on behalf of the various entities. Gila County Finance’s Olivia Todd (pictured) presented the item to the board. Read More »

County update on Flood Mitigation efforts after Pinal Fire

GilaCounty-Even as the Pinal Fire was still burning, Globe-Miami residents expressed concerns about post-fire flooding. Gila County staff at the Pinal Fire community meetings heard these concerns and began to formulate a multi-faceted response, including securing $300,000 dollars of federal funds to hire local contractors to clean out the waterways downstream of the burn. As control of the incident shifted from the Forest Service to Gila County, the County immediately began to look at flood mitigation solutions. Read More »