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Pinal Fire UPDATE

May 24, 2017 Fire caused by lightning May 8 in Tonto National Forest, Globe Ranger District, 6 miles south of Globe near Pioneer Pass. Current size: 3,927 acres Containment: 21% Smoke:  Smoke levels may increase over the next few days due to weather conditions and fire growth. Smoke management specialists are continuing to monitor smoke conditions in close coordination with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and Gila County Office of Emergency Management. If you have respiratory problems or are sensitive to smoke, either stay indoors with windows closed or, if possible, relocate to someplace away from the smoke. If symptoms persist or become more severe, please contact your primary care provider as soon as possible. For more information, see http://legacy.azdeq.gov/environ/air/smoke/download/fire_smoke_your_health_brochure.pdf. Fire Behavior: The fire intensity will pick up as the weather patterns grow hotter and dryer and will continue to spread through the underbrush and duff. Yesterday, May 23, the fire encountered pockets of dense vegetation and brush and became quite active for a few hours. This created a great deal of smoke, some of which settled in and around Globe overnight. Values at Risk: No structures have been damaged or destroyed. No evacuations anticipated. Restrictions & Closures: A closure order ... Read More »

Africanized bees swarming Globe Miami area

Don’t swat them for any reason Spring is a special time of year when nature comes alive with beauty and color, but danger awaits the unwary in the form of thousands of tiny bees. Reports of Africanized bees swarming along the Arizona Eastern railroad and in trees around the Globe Miami area have become more frequent recently, and attacks have been publicized all over the state of Arizona.   An 11-year-old was stung more than 400 times in Safford last month after shooting an abandoned car with a BB gun. He spent about a week at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and had recovered his health, but his grandmother, Petrea Kunz, said he now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. A horse in Prescott was killed by an attack of Africanized bees last week. One of the ways to tell if you are getting too close to a hive or swarm is by the behavior of the bees. Bees will begin to “bump” a person as a warning sign that they have wandered too close for comfort of the queen bee. Scientific American, an online information site, gives the following advice for how to avoid an attack. Wear light-colored clothing. Honeybees have evolved ... Read More »

Old Dominion Mine Park: Far more than a glimpse of the past

The Old Dominion Mike Park allows the public to hike among the ruins of what once was Globe's greatest mining operation. Photo by LCGross

There are few places in Arizona that allow one to simultaneously stand in the present and experience the past as vividly as the Old Dominion Mine Park in Globe. Seen through the eyes of a woman who considered herself an outsider some 19 years ago, the park is simultaneously a valuable receptacle of area history while offering learning and tourist opportunities to the community now and in the future. Dr. Thea Wilshire, previous chairman of the Old Dominion Historic Mine Park Committee for 17 years, rarely thought of the park as a future collection of play areas and hiking trails. Read More »

Top 4 Kid-Friendly Local Hikes in Globe-Miami

Even if you’re a local, sometimes it’s easy to forget that you don’t have to travel far to find a good hike. Whether you’re just looking for a short hike nearby, or perhaps you’re also looking for a hike for kids, here are a few routes to try. Each one offers something for the adventurous and imaginative kid. Read More »

Rafting Season launches March 4th

Last year’s Super El Nino was a Super dud that only made for 40 days of rafting due to a lack of snow in the White Mountains of northeastern Arizona. Ironically, the normally drier La Nina predicted for this year has produced enough moisture to make the rafting season last into May. The river has been running at a wonderful medium level since the New Year which is fantastic for beginner to intermediate rafters and families with children 8 and older. The team has been in the canyon making their practice runs and reacquainting themselves with one of the most beautiful places in Arizona for the last two weeks and we are open for business Saturday, March 4th. Read More »

Why we love rafting the Salt.

Rafting season is scheduled to begin on March 4th this year and river rafting companies are beginning to book reservations.  We’ve had a decent amount of rain this winter so the river should be running and fun begins in just over one month from now!  We are re-sharing this post from the Salt River Rafting folks to whet your appetite! For more on this, see our article by Anne McAuley on Rafting the Salt River . Plus, check out this video we found by Salt River Rafting folks who show that not ALL the fun is had on the water! And, here are the links to the rafting companies working the Salt River each year:  SaltRiverRafting (SRR):   This is one of the oldest rafting companies operating along the Salt, since 1992.   Noteworthy: Check out their “Super Wilderness One Day,” which meets up at Bernie’s Steakhouse, and includes 20 river miles, three Class IV rapids, a dozen Class IIIs, and three hours of rugged jeep trails to and from the river.    info@raftthesalt.com    800-472-5194 Mild to Wild:   This company operates in Arizona, Colorado and Utah. Noteworthy: They have rafts, premium boats and inflatable kayaks. Check out their “Dash of ... Read More »

Watchable wildlife and magnificent views found in the Pinal Mountains

Sometimes we don’t fully appreciate what we have in our own backyard — until we see strangers coming from all over to enjoy it. In the fall and winter more and more visitors from Tucson and Phoenix are coming for day trips, or staying overnight in Globe to make ventures into different parts of the Pinals and the Tonto National Forest over several days. The attractions include seeing bright red and yellow leaves in October, a little snow after December, magnificent views in all directions, and roads and trails with almost no one else around.  Read More »

Whitetail and Sawmill Fires – Email Update – June 20, 2015 16:28 PST

Whitetail and Sawmill Fires June 20, 2015 Incident Commander: Nate Barrett, and Brad Johnson, IC-Trainee Information Contact:  Valerie Azure and Gabrielle Kenton—928-475-2326 8:00 am. to 5:30 pm.     Start Date:  June 20, 2015  Growth Potential:  Fire activity is high in steep, rocky terrain.  Size:  Whitetail = 11,500+ acres           Sawmill = 450 + acres Percent Contained:  0%  Cause:  Both lightning caused.  Resources Assigned: The Geronimo Hotshot crew, four 20-person Type II Initial Attack crews, 4 engines, two helicopters, and various other resources.   Summary:  Now on its fifth day, the Whitetail Fire has grown to approximately 11,500  acres and continues to burn in rugged grassland and woodland terrain in the central San Carlos Apache Reservation.  The Sawmill Fire, also on the reservation, is approximately 15 miles east of the Whitetail Fire and in similar terrain. Winds are pushing both fires in various directions through steep terrain as they progress in an easterly direction. Both fires are being managed to meet multiple objectives including habitat, watershed, and forage improvement.   The public is asked to avoid roads and areas near the fire due to heavy fire traffic and fire hazards.  Road 1200 to Blue River, and roads 1220, 1400,  and1500 near ... Read More »

Gold Fever: Why Two Local Gold Prospectors Keep Up Hunt

Shortly after I moved to Globe-Miami two years ago, I was invited to go on a gold prospecting trip with Miami locals Don Reiman (also Miami’s new vice mayor) and Dik Mickle. I met them on Sullivan Street in downtown Miami on a summer morning just before dawn. We loaded up in what has been locally known as the Prickly Pear – Reiman’s white Chevy with prickly pear plants painted along the sides – for an adventure that only Globe-Miami folk can appreciate. Read More »

Ladies – Tap Into Your Outdoor Spirit!

Sign up for the Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop Ladies! Are you intrigued by the outdoors, but just don’t have the confidence or know-how to fly-fish, camp, kayak, or hunt? Then consider signing up for the Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop, held from April 25 through 27 at Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott. There are still a few spaces left! Read More »