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Rain caused sinkhole in Globe woman’s yard

Property owner believes there is a connection to rumored network of tunnels beneath Globe Whether a recent sinkhole at a Globe residence was an act of God or the result a tunnel carved by long-ago miners may never be known, but a local woman learned what services are and are not offered to property owners by the city. When Bonnie Stidman walked into her back yard Jan. 26, she found a gaping 45-foot-deep sinkhole near the gate that leads to her driveway, so she called the Globe Police. They, in turn, called in the Fire Department to the property that is located on Haskins Road above the old Webster House. Read More »

Historic Book Clubs gathering of minds, hearts

Their resumes – should they choose to print them these days – would read like a Who’s Who of Globe and Miami, and although tea and cake is consumed on a regular basis, there is far more happening at the Tuesday and Wednesday Book Clubs’ monthly meetings than would ever occur at a regular coffee klatch. Read More »

Matilda Moore 1836 – 1901

By: Lee Ann Powers Here is the story of Matilda Jane Burnett Crampton Moore, buried in Globe cemetery.  She was born in Charleston, South Carolina on Aug. 10, 1836. Her parents died when she was a child. In 1851, when she was 15, and in company with her brother, she started with a party of emigrants on the long overland journey to California. Her brother died while they were crossing the plains of Texas, leaving her entirely alone. In the same wagon train were the Oatman family, who, dissatisfied at the slow progress they were making, pushed on ahead, and were massacred by Indians between Maricopa Wells and Yuma. Read More »

United Fund requests clarification from Taliesin and outlines their mission to serve the community in 2017

The vision of the United Fund of Globe-Miami Inc. (UF) is based upon improving lives through the donations that the citizens and businesses make towards the supported agencies.  It states “Supporting local nonprofits since 1964 to improve lives by making our communities a better place to live and work.” With a mission to “engage donors and charities to strategically elevate the Globe-Miami community,” the board endeavors to build on a 50-plus year tradition of giving back to the communities where we live and work. The program budget is based on a goal that is set each year by the board with donations collected from companies, businesses and individuals.  Those donations are distributed to the agencies and organizations that have applied and been accepted as recipient agencies.  When the yearly funding goal is reached, the board is then able to consider special projects that are above the fundraising goal. Read More »

Shop Superior 2nd Friday celebrates a one year anniversary

In small towns it is not unusual to see the downtown business district close up at five and go home. Yet, for the last year, Superior merchants have been lighting up the downtown district and staying open late for Shop Superior 2nd Friday. There are deals to be had, as each shop offers up a special for the evening, and there is live music, street vendors and entertainment found up and down Main Street, Superior.     Boonie LeBlanc owns the Wild Cow Gallery and is a founding member of the Superior Merchants Association, which launched the  ‘Shop Superior 2nd Friday’ event last year. The group consists of over a dozen retail merchants who have businesses in Superior, mostly lining the downtown district along Main Street. Read More »

Santa arrives in Globe and takes requests

Santa and his elves arrived in Globe this morning driven not by eight reindeer but the Globe Fire Department. They arrived on schedule at the train depot where a line of kids waited with anticipation to give him their requests for Christmas. Read More »

A matter of perspective. Michaele Cozzi: Three decades as a documentary photographer.

Michaele Cozzi’s photography studio in Superior is a study in black and white. The cinder-block walls are painted white; the concrete floor is dark and glossy. Attached to the walls, floor-to-ceiling panels of concrete reinforcement mesh serve as a vertical work space. Clipped to the wires with clothespins and black metal clamps are black-and-white photographs – hundreds of them. Some are small enough to hold in your hand, and some are large, as wide as a door. Read More »

Artist Patty Sjolin of Miami: From Concept Artist to Muralist

“I always wanted to [create] a character that would live forever and ever, that everyone knows,” Patty Sjolin says. “I want it to give that feeling in your heart.” Sjolin is an artist who started out in a small town in Texas, but whose concepts have reached around the world and been loved by millions of young girls. During the 1990s, Sjolin worked at Lisa Frank Inc., one of the world’s most creative and successful design companies at the time, known internationally for its school supplies, toys, and clothing for girls with colorful, whimsical designs featuring cute animals. Sjolin came to Miami last March to be near her daughter and grandson, and has been establishing a new career here as a painter and muralist. “Art has always been part of my life,” Sjolin says. She started drawing and painting when she was still a young child. “I drew all the time, all the time,” she recalls. In high school Sjolin was known for creating posters and signs for school activities. She left home at 18 and began to travel around the country looking for a new home. Unable to afford canvases, she painted on saw blades and giant catulpa leaves ... Read More »

The Renaissance on Devereaux Street

If you’ve lived in Globe a long time, you might remember when Joe Gundry owned the Texaco Service Station at the corner of Hill and Maple streets – in the 1950s and early 60s, it was a place where many of Globe’s high school boys got their first job and learned about responsibility and customer service. The building on the corner of Maple and Devereaux, now known as the Tiger’s Den, used to be Wyant’s One Stop Food Market. And the big white house at 369 Sutherland was the home of Helen Lawrence, who owned five rental houses on Devereaux. Rumor has it that she once rented a house to Pancho Villa. Read More »

Business and Community Leader. At 102, Carmen Slough reflects on a life lived in Globe

I decide not to ask Carmen Slough about what it’s like to be 102 years old. I get the feeling her age is something she gets asked about a lot and it is, after all, just one of the innumerable things she has accomplished in her life. She’s more than a number, but if we’re talking numbers, 102 certainly deserves more than a little reverence. Slough (her maiden name is Blanco) was born in Douglas, Arizona, to parents who both immigrated from Spain, but didn’t meet until they were in the U.S. In her early years, her father worked at the mine in Douglas, hopping around to other mines in the area to follow work. “Finally, my mother said, ‘We’re not moving anymore, we’re staying in Globe,’” remembers Slough. Slough thinks her family must have been settled in Globe by about 1918. “We could almost say we’re natives here,” she says. After nearly 100 years in the area, I imagine she’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would argue with that assessment. Read More »