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Stand Out announcements: New Program launched by GMT featuring milestone events, custom design

If there is one thing Globe Miami Times is known for it’s our  graphics, photography and overall look and feel of the products we publish.  So when I was talking to my managing editor recently and we discussed the possibility of publishing your life events as so many papers offer, we knew we wanted to do it our way. We wanted to add style and sass to these BIG LIFE moments that make you want to shout out to the world . Weddings, Births, Anniversaries, Youth Achievement!… if it’s important to you, we can help you make a memorable STAND OUT statement. Read More »

CCYS Globe Miami Piranhas say Thanks!

The CCYS Globe Miami Piranha Swim Team had an amazing 2017 swim season.  We want to thank everyone who was involved in making it another successful year.  It takes a team effort beyond the swimmers to make our program continue year after year.  We give a big credit to Head Coach Noah Gardea, Assistant Coaches Ed Gardea and Jennifer Werrell. Read More »

GCC College Hiking Classes Begin Aug. 27th. FREE for residents 55 and up.

GLOBE-  The Gila Community College Hiking Classes,  begin 7 a.m. Sunday, August 27 at the Wellness Center, on the campus up Six Shooter Canyon. Two classes are offered and will meet together for this first day. Listed as Beginning Hiking I and Beginning Hiking II, the two classes are being conducted by Bob Zache, who has been teaching them almost nine years. Beginning Hiking I is also called Urban Hiking and features hikes closer to town, most of which are a little easier. In Beginning Hiking II, Mountain Hiking, students will experience more difficult trails in surrounding mountains.      The Mountain Hiking class schedule this semester includes Armer Mountain, Angel Wings, Salt River Peak, Picket Post Mountain, Haunted Canyon, Upper Parker Creek, Javelina Butte, Margarita Saddle,  and a hike all the way around Picket Post Mountain. Urban Hiking includes Timber Camp, Globe Cemetery, Diversion Dam Tunnel, Boulder Canyon, Old Superior Highway to Claypool Tunnel, Copper Crawl, and the Old Superior Highway at Top of the World.      Because of the fires on Pinal Mountain last spring, access to trailheads is blocked so no hikes will be scheduled there until next spring.     At the orientation Sunday, Aug. ... Read More »

Community makes Cobre Valley Youth Club opening a success

It’s always risky to step away from the familiar, but when it comes to making a community a better place for its young people, the former advisory board of the Boys & Girls Club was willing. All it needed was to find others who could catch the vision, and it did. From the moment the local Club partnered with the East Valley Boys & Girls Club, it was understood that it would need to find a way to become independent some day. That day was July 1, 2017. In addition to program funding, Club then needed support to buy a new bus or van, administrative and youth computers and for the branding of its new name. Several people and agencies helped provide that funding. Read More »

Miami Memorial Library gets Lobby Upgrade

Miami Memorial Library gets an upgrade

*Note: This article corrects an error in the recent print edition of our Summer issue which stated the grant for the project was $25,000.  It should have read $2,500.  GLOBE- It is one woman’s tribute to libraries―and the Miami Memorial Library, to be precise. Artist Patty Sjolin put in 100 hours over the last month, transforming the lobby of the Miami library with a colorful mural that now covers two walls top to bottom. The design includes nods to much-loved titles for children including The Cat in the Hat and Meet Peter Rabbit, salutes to Arizona history and Vandal pride, and an embrace of the great classics of literature. “I loved doing this mural,“ says Sjolin. “My hope is that the visitor will take a minute to enjoy the mural as they enter the library, and that, like a puzzle, every book and extra piece has a significant meaning, adding  that she sees the mural as a tribute to the love of libraries. “As the age of electronics becomes more the normal,” says Sjolin, “libraries are losing what was so magical about them.”  Read More »

Tonto National Monument Closed on Monday, July 10, 2017 Due to Power Outage

Roosevelt, AZ- The Salt River Project will be working on updating critical powerline infrastructure near Tonto National Monument on July 10 th . Because of the power outage and impacts to visitor safety, Tonto National Monument will be closed all day Monday. Also, on Tuesday, July 11 th and Wednesday, July 12 th the museum will be partially closed due to curators working on needed artifact conservation. Thank you for your patience and please look forward to some additions to the exhibits coming soon. Read More »

Heritage Health Care Center welcomes new Marketing Director

Heritage Health Care Center in Globe would like to introduce their new Marketing Director Lacey John. Lacey started her career in the medical field at the age of 18 as a Certified Nursing Assistant and is attending school through Maricopa colleges. She is currently on the wait list for the RN program while pursuing her associates in business management. She will be working with physicians and healthcare professionals both here and in the Valley and serving as the clinical liaison with case management and social workers to facilitate patient placement and care while at Heritage. Lacey relocated to Arizona in 2012 from Shepherd, Montana and lives in Apache Junction with her husband Alex and her two children. “Growing up in a small town makes me appreciate the sense of community in Globe,”she says adding that she looks forward to working with her team at Heritage to provide direct patient care and support to families. Read More »

Africanized bees swarming Globe Miami area

Don’t swat them for any reason Spring is a special time of year when nature comes alive with beauty and color, but danger awaits the unwary in the form of thousands of tiny bees. Reports of Africanized bees swarming along the Arizona Eastern railroad and in trees around the Globe Miami area have become more frequent recently, and attacks have been publicized all over the state of Arizona.   An 11-year-old was stung more than 400 times in Safford last month after shooting an abandoned car with a BB gun. He spent about a week at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and had recovered his health, but his grandmother, Petrea Kunz, said he now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. A horse in Prescott was killed by an attack of Africanized bees last week. One of the ways to tell if you are getting too close to a hive or swarm is by the behavior of the bees. Bees will begin to “bump” a person as a warning sign that they have wandered too close for comfort of the queen bee. Scientific American, an online information site, gives the following advice for how to avoid an attack. Wear light-colored clothing. Honeybees have evolved ... Read More »

Lions offer FREE screening for vision with new device

GLOBE- A new device which allows a local service club to provide free vision screenings was featured at the recent health fair on Saturday.  The device, known as the PlusOptix vision screener was purchased by the Globe Lions with grant funding from United Fund of Globe-Miami.  Read More »

Payson Public Health Nurse’s Passion for Community

GILA COUNTY- “For a public health nurse, the most important thing is to know the community,” says Rachel Cliburn, Gila County’s new Public Health Nurse based in Payson. “Maybe there are kids in one of our communities who need eyeglasses that ACCHS doesn’t cover. We have to know the need before we can meet the need.” “Our public health nurses are out hearing from residents across the County—in schools, homes, community meetings, and nursing homes,” says District One Supervisor Tommie Martin. “Their job descriptions run the gamut, from seeing patients in the office to meeting with students in the schools.” Read More »