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Africanized bees swarming Globe Miami area

Don’t swat them for any reason Spring is a special time of year when nature comes alive with beauty and color, but danger awaits the unwary in the form of thousands of tiny bees. Reports of Africanized bees swarming along the Arizona Eastern railroad and in trees around the Globe Miami area have become more frequent recently, and attacks have been publicized all over the state of Arizona.   An 11-year-old was stung more than 400 times in Safford last month after shooting an abandoned car with a BB gun. He spent about a week at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and had recovered his health, but his grandmother, Petrea Kunz, said he now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. A horse in Prescott was killed by an attack of Africanized bees last week. One of the ways to tell if you are getting too close to a hive or swarm is by the behavior of the bees. Bees will begin to “bump” a person as a warning sign that they have wandered too close for comfort of the queen bee. Scientific American, an online information site, gives the following advice for how to avoid an attack. Wear light-colored clothing. Honeybees have evolved ... Read More »

Lions offer FREE screening for vision with new device

GLOBE- A new device which allows a local service club to provide free vision screenings was featured at the recent health fair on Saturday.  The device, known as the PlusOptix vision screener was purchased by the Globe Lions with grant funding from United Fund of Globe-Miami.  Read More »

Payson Public Health Nurse’s Passion for Community

GILA COUNTY- “For a public health nurse, the most important thing is to know the community,” says Rachel Cliburn, Gila County’s new Public Health Nurse based in Payson. “Maybe there are kids in one of our communities who need eyeglasses that ACCHS doesn’t cover. We have to know the need before we can meet the need.” “Our public health nurses are out hearing from residents across the County—in schools, homes, community meetings, and nursing homes,” says District One Supervisor Tommie Martin. “Their job descriptions run the gamut, from seeing patients in the office to meeting with students in the schools.” Read More »

Arians partnering with CASA of Arizona to recruit hundreds of new volunteers.

 (Phoenix, AZ—March 20, 2017) Bruce Arians, head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, will be appearing on TV screens, billboards and mobile phones statewide this month, encouraging folks to get involved in his “Red Flag Challenge” by volunteering their time as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA volunteer. The campaign, which will run through April, was made possible by a $75,000 grant to CASA of Arizona from the National CASA Association. “Helping children in foster care is near and dear to my family. My wife, Chris, has been involved with CASA programs in the several states we’ve lived, and it’s an honor to support the program here in Arizona,” Bruce said. “I’m looking forward to celebrating a great turnout from the community in response to the Red Flag Challenge.”  Read More »

Treating foot pain non-surgically may be the better choice

Eight years ago, a woman came to my office because she was in pain from an ankle injury. The injury had happened 20 years earlier, but now she was experiencing pain every day, whenever she was on her feet. She was scheduled for surgery. At that time I had been working with a treatment method that had benefited other patients, and I suggested it to her. It is called prolotherapy, and it involves having a series of injections in the problematic joint. This woman agreed to try the weekly injections for her ankle. After we had done a few injections, she felt comfortable in canceling the surgery. Not only that, but she wanted the other ankle done, too. Eight years later, she is still very active, and she never had to have surgery. Read More »

Water is Life

(First published on May 31 2014)  Native artists bring a message to San Carlos in a mural Thanks to three young Native artists and a grant from a national organization affiliated with world-renowned street artist Shepard Fairey, an eleven and a half foot mural of an Apache woman now stands behind the Peridot Shopping Center off Highway 70. High above the ground, freshly pasted onto the side of a water tank, she cannot be missed. Her eyes gaze off into the distance; she appears noble and strong. Wearing a speckled camp dress and a t-necklace that hangs level with her elbows, she holds yellow pollen in her hands against a backdrop of crosses. Blue-green paint is sprayed all around her, representing water. Read More »

Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament celebrates 100th anniversary

Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament during its construction. Notice the donkey in the foreground. Beasts of burden like this one were used to haul supplies to the church property during its construction.

One hundred years ago, the tiny town of Miami was bustling with new growth – its population, economy and spirituality.  Not only was a J.C. Penney’s store, a YMCA, the hospital, the sewer system and Miami High School built, but the church known then as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was busting out of the walls of its Church Hill location. It is now called Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament. This growth prompted the visiting priest, Fr. Joseph O. Barrette, to ask his bishop to allow him to work a smaller area so he could concentrate on the boom town of Miami. The father served the parish from 1911 to 1923 during a time that priests generally only served four or five years in one area. Read More »

Exploring the Globe Cemetery.And some of its lesser known stories

Globe Cemetery headstone for Woodmen of the World, circa 1898

 With its weathered, and often cracked headstones dating back to the late 1800s, it’s easy to let the Globe Cemetery capture the imagination. Covering roughly 32 acres of land in the hills on the west end of town, its entry lined with tall, ominous cypress trees (also known as graveyard trees), there is much to wonder about the cemetery’s long history and those buried below. To this day, some people are still buried in the “old” sections of the cemetery with their families, if their family claimed a plot many, many years ago, says Pam Leonard, the cemetery administrator at City Hall. Newer plots are still purchased from the City of Globe. Read More »

Swallowing Clouds

Swallowing Clouds Local chef and wonton soup connoisseur shares his love of the Chinese tradition

Local chef and wonton soup connoisseur shares his love of the Chinese tradition “Wonton soup means swallowing clouds,” Chef John Wong says. “It’s a weird translation, you know how English doesn’t translate to Chinese, and vice versa.” When a wonton (dumpling) is cooked, it floats up in the soup’s broth. That’s where the Chinese name comes from. “That’s a cloud, and you’re supposed to swallow it,” Wong explains. “The preferred way of eating wonton soup, wonton meaning dumpling, is to eat it whole.” Read More »

Celebrating Healthcare: What’s new in January

JANUARY January is traditionally the time to make resolutions for the new year—and there’s good sense in that. There’s power in stating intentions and setting goals. Take some time to relax and reflect on the past year and the year to come. Make a list of things you’d like to accomplish or changes you would like to make in the coming year. Remember that effective goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-limited. Click here  for more tips for goal setting and how to actually achieve your health-related and other goals. National Blood Donor Month  Every day, approximately 39,000 units (pints) of blood are needed in hospitals and emergency treatment facilities to help save the lives of accident victims and treat patients with cancer and other diseases. Blood is traditionally in short supply during the winter months, particularly in January, so this month has been designated National Blood Donor Month to encourage donors to give blood. The components of one pint of donated blood can help save the lives of three people. Click here for a list of places to donate blood.  Healthy Weight Week – Jan. 16-20 (2017) Healthy Weight Week is all about understanding that health isn’t about ... Read More »