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School announces public exhibition of student work in January

The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture will host a public exhibition of student’s work from this last semester (fall of 2016) on January 21st from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts. As part of the ongoing Globe-Miami Studio project being conducted by the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture over the next 3 years, the latest crop of Master’s students will present the designs they worked on last fall at a public exhibit to be held at the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts on January 21, from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm.  Students and faculty will be on hand to talk to community members about their designs and answer questions.  According to the school, they “evaluate success by measuring what was created, the impact on the local economy and ecology, and by looking at specific benchmarks set with community partners. ” For each project, the school then measures two aspects: internal effectiveness and the economic and social impact and says projects must meet certain criteria. According to Taliesin: Internal Effectiveness is measured by evaluating the following factors: Economic and Social Impact is measured by evaluating the following factors: In addition “for impact beyond its immediate application” Taliesin ... Read More »

School says Taliesin project ahead of timeline despite issues

Research by the Frank Lloyd Wright School showing downtown Broad Street, Globe Az

Second and third semesters devoted to finding and developing projects Although suffering from communication problems, funding uncertainties and questions of accreditation, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture project in Globe and Miami plans to move forward to help restore and beautify the area. Despite the concerns expressed by some community members about the school’s intentions, Director of Development Jason Donofrio said students have already surpassed the school’s commitments for the first two semesters. The spring 2016 semester assignment for Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Taliesin students in Globe and Miami was to observe, understand and research the local community. That semester ended in May. The students were then tasked with finding projects during the second and third semesters to develop designs. Read More »

Reader responds to pledge request from FLLW school

Dear Editor:  I received a letter recently from the Frank Lloyd School of Architecture reminding me of the approaching deadline for my pledge which I had made last fall as part of their Campaign for Independence. Since many in the community stepped up and made pledges, I thought I might share my response to Jason Donofrio, FLLW’s Director of Development.  My letter is below:   Dear Jason, Thank you for the update on the Globe/Miami/Taliesin project. To be honest and blunt, I have felt disappointed in how little seems to be happening and I also feel “conned” into supporting an internationally renowned school that promised so much while the only physical evidence of our partnership thus far is from the weekend of “Paint the Town.” Nice but not very much in comparison to promises of a far reaching transformation that would make us proud and be a draw for outsiders to come visit, live, and spend money.   The students we met last year have been replaced by seven new students this year who have spent four days in our community. There are no new physical expressions of the Frank Loyd Wright School of Architecture to be seen and next year a new set ... Read More »

United Fund requests clarification from Taliesin and outlines their mission to serve the community in 2017

The vision of the United Fund of Globe-Miami Inc. (UF) is based upon improving lives through the donations that the citizens and businesses make towards the supported agencies.  It states “Supporting local nonprofits since 1964 to improve lives by making our communities a better place to live and work.” With a mission to “engage donors and charities to strategically elevate the Globe-Miami community,” the board endeavors to build on a 50-plus year tradition of giving back to the communities where we live and work. The program budget is based on a goal that is set each year by the board with donations collected from companies, businesses and individuals.  Those donations are distributed to the agencies and organizations that have applied and been accepted as recipient agencies.  When the yearly funding goal is reached, the board is then able to consider special projects that are above the fundraising goal. Read More »

Documents: Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture/ Globe-Miami Project

Stakeholder Report outlining time and materials:  FLLW Presents First Year Report   Video Presentation: Cobre Valley Center for the Arts Documents: Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture/ Globe-Miami Project Read More »

The Promise of Taliesin and School of Architecture. Is the honeymoon over?

*Above: The video above was taken during  one of a dozen presentations made to the Globe-Miami community last Fall, by Jason Donofrio of Taliesin during a fundraising effort to meet the goals of their Campaign for Independence. Donofrio spells out the scope of the promise which served to raise $785,000 in pledges from major stakeholders and individuals. This article looks at that promise. ******* As a resident and local publisher, I was instantly drawn to the Frank Lloyd Wright proposal last year to bring the architectural school’s creative talent and resources to bear on improving our little community. The school’s Director of Development, Jason Donofrio, presented an almost pitch perfect presentation to the community last fall that outlined what the school would do for us if they managed to raise nearly one million dollars from Globe-Miami for their Campaign for Independence.*  *The school found itself in a position of needing to establish its own funding and stand independent from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation (which oversees vast archives, properties and licensing rights related to Frank Lloyd Wright) after a change was issued by the Higher Learning Commission, which accredits colleges and universities in 19 states. The commission had decided they would no longer ... Read More »

Taliesin hosts 1st Annual Paint the Town 2016! in Miami

The first of four planned ‘Paint the Town’ events to take place every year wrapped up on Saturday. The event, which is part of a four-year studio collaboration between Taliesin and Globe-Miami, left Miami awash in color after this last weekend when over 100 local volunteers, service organizations and community groups joined in painting, brush removal and beautification projects led by Taliesin staff. The two-day event targeted 18 sites along the Miami/Hwy 60 corridor and involved over 100 community volunteers and Taliesin staff and students. “When we first discussed this idea with the Advisory Board, it was in March and we thought we might be able to tackle two buildings and get 15 high school students to participate,” says Jason Donofrio, the Director of Development for Taliesin. “We were blown away by the community’s response once we posted the event.” Read More »

Taliesin’s “Off 60” exhibit opens Sunday, May 1 at Bullion Plaza

The second of Taliesin’s “Off 60” exhibitions, showcasing their work in Globe-Miami since the beginning of the year, opens Sunday, May 1st at 6 p.m. Globe Miami Times talked to Taliesin teaching fellows Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi whose students’ work will be presented in the exhibit. They shared more about how the students gathered information, what will be on display in the exhibits, and the importance of community input. Read More »

Taliesin kicks off a four-year Studio Project for Globe-Miami

Last night the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture kicked off its partnership with Globe-Miami at a public presentation at Bullion Plaza. For the next four years, the school will conduct a studio project focusing on Globe-Miami that promises to increase the vitality, beauty, and sustainability of our communities. Aaron Betsky, dean of the school, and Jason Donofrio, the school’s director of development, announced some of the specific projects that the studio project will focus on in its first semester. Five students and two professors from the school will spend most of their time during the spring semester in Globe and Miami. They will be working on several different projects in both communities. Some of these projects will be completed within one semester, and some will continue for a longer period of time. Additional projects will be added in future semesters. The school selected one project for Miami and one project for Globe that will be the key projects for those communities, and these particular projects will last for the full duration of the four-year studio project. For Miami, the key project is the Highway 60 entrance corridor, and for Globe, the key project is Broad Street. Details of these ... Read More »

Part II: Taliesen and the Campaign for Independence

The studio program was part of a “Campaign for Independence” at Taliesin, under which they needed to raise $2 million in funds for the school, so that it could operate independently from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Building support for the campaign and the Globe-Miami Studio Project fell to Donofrio, who began a series of public and private meetings with area stakeholders beginning in August. “We were incredibly excited about the area’s history, landscape, cultural diversity and community engagement,” says Donofrio, adding that the lack of rural data also intrigued them. “Half of the United States is rural,” he notes, “and yet there is very little data in these areas for architects to go off of.” It is something he believes the school may take a leading role on through this project. The school – founded on the teachings and inspiration stemming from their famous founder, Frank Lloyd Wright – loves nothing better than breaking new ground, going where others have not, and working in a collaborative laboratory. “Taliesin aims to be a place that doesn’t just produce beautiful buildings, but changes the way people live,” says Donofrio. Overwhelming Support from Locals By December the Campaign for Independence had received ... Read More »