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Taipei Dragon Boat Display coming this weekend

The Phoenix Chinese Week will be sponsoring some crowd favorites this coming weekend including the Taipei Dragon Boat Display on Friday and Saturday.  Read More »

The Evolution Of A Band: Miami’s Big Band Sound

This story first appeared in our summer 2014 issue It’s the first Friday of June, and the sun is beginning to set behind Miami. An eight-piece band plays a lighthearted ‘50s tune in front of Bullion Plaza as a woman dances her heart out in the empty street in front of them. With a bounce and loaded shimmy in every step, she dances solo. A few other bodies jitter by her, but this woman’s gusto is hard to ignore. Read More »

Reader reviews movie SPLIT now playing

 By Michael Burk   M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split” (2017) In 1999 M. Night seemingly achieved overnight success with the Bruce Willis supernatural thriller, “The Sixth Sense”. It had critical praise, financial reward & even a few Oscar nods. A year later, he teamed with Willis once again on “Unbreakable”.   A beautifully subdued take on the superhero origin legend. It did okay, but wasn’t the blockbuster their original team up was. It to this day remains my favorite M. Night film. Some films take more than one viewing to truly grasp their greatness. Then came “Signs”.  Another big hit & basically the last, not just for Shyamalan, but unfortunately, for it’s star, Mel Gibson as well. I actually walked from one screening of “Signs” to the next one the day it was released. Just to hear the audience shriek in terror, all over again. Night would never stop making films, but he surely stopped making successful ones.   Personally, I’ve never given up on him as a talent & have enjoyed most of his missteps, if not out & out experiments. I always longed for him to just stop writing his own stuff & just direct some one else’s work. But ... Read More »

Arizona authors release suspense novel set in Globe

Unsolved murders haunt small city in ‘Which Lives to Fear’ PHOENIX — Two Arizona writers recently released a suspense novel, “Which Lives to Fear,” about a reporter trying to solve a string of murders which have haunted her family – and the small city of Globe – for years. “The combination of Arizona’s dangerous landscape and fascinating characters provided the perfect backdrop for our mystery and suspense story,” said J. Maynard Carr, a veterinarian who lives in Avondale.  Carr, a lifelong Arizonan, is the author of “The Second Floor,” “Cross-Linked,” and “kINK.” His work has garnered international attention, with loyal readers as far as Japan, Brazil and Europe.  The novel was co-written by Corey Schubert, a former investigative journalist and NASA editor who produces and writes films in metro Phoenix. He lives in Gilbert.  “Which Lives to Fear” follows Melissa Wilder, whose family was ripped apart fifteen years ago when a serial killer carved a deep scar through Globe. The madman butchered her little brother and left her father nearly dead, and then disappeared into eerie silence. Now Melissa returns home as a talented reporter eager to revisit the cold case – just as the murderer resumes his terrifying spree ... Read More »

Miami Arts Commission invites artists to help with a Zine.

MIAMI- The Miami Arts Commission is putting together a zine -a limited edition, artsy, low cost, low tech, smallish publication – for this year’s Miami Loco Art Festival. Calling on local poets, illustrators, photographers, cartoonists, zentanglers and Haikuists, to participate in this project and see your work in print. The theme of this year’s zine is “Bridges, Stairways and Back Alleys,” tying in with Miami’s vintage picturesque setting. We welcome submissions for consideration from local artists (Globe, Miami, Claypool, San Carlos) relating to bridges, stairways, back alleys, prostitution, small towns, mining, miners, and Miami. All submissions will be considered, but submission does not guarantee publication. Deadline for submissions; February 28th. Questions and submissions can be sent to Libby Rooney: libby12390@hotmail.com. Read More »

Reader reviews “Krampus Unleashed” filmed in Globe

By: Michael Burk. The movie, Krampus Unleashed, was partially filmed in the Globe area in 2015. Robert Conway’s “Krampus Unleashed” is an indie horror picture in the yule tide tradition of Drive-In classics such as “Black Christmas” or “Silent Night, Deadly Night”. It mixes the joy of the season with darker underpinnings and if you love a good old fashion, monster in the woods type film, than “Krampus Unleashed” is the picture for you. Read More »

Palmer Report August 15th

Nurdberger A relaxed place to grab a burger for lunch or an after work dinner, Nurdberger is located on Hill Street just north of Highway 60. Taylor Harrison has really revamped this location with the creative idea of decorating his shop and nicknaming his foods in a “Nerd” theme. The food is up to par and on pace with a simple old fashioned hamburger shop. Nurdberger is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30am to 8:00pm. Come in on Wednesdays for lunch to catch Stephen Palmer playing original music as well as some favorite covers. Music goes from Noon until 1pm. Low Expectations For the past 2 years this band has been making a name for themselves in the Globe-Miami area. They play rock, country and funk but it all has a little bit of a hard rock edge. The front man, Justin Justice, has really groomed himself into the art of entertaining a crowd. While both Josh Cummings and Daniel Philpot continue to impress with their guitar skills. Low Expectations has expanded their horizons by playing shows in Safford, Showlow and even Parker, Arizona. If you wish to book the band you can contact Andrea Justice or even a simple message sent to ... Read More »

Palmer Report August 1st

Sometimes you just want to get away. Finding a place that is relaxing and quiet is not always easy. While nature is only a short drive from us in our beautiful mountain community it is not always what we are looking for. Sometimes you just want a little watering hole with a few friendly faces and service with a smile. Not completely off the map but hidden enough to be your own. Here are a few places in Globe-Miami that could provide just enough without being too much.   Abell Liquor Abell Liquor is just off Highway 60 on the west end of Globe. The inside is quaint and commonly filled with good ol’ boys talking about their latest golf game or possibly a deal they struck in buying their new 4×4. The inside bar has a few stools and the outside patio is tucked away nicely in its own space. Parking is mostly in the back under the shade trees. If you are looking for a quiet place to have a drink this would be ideal. The Tap Room Another great place to get a quiet drink in Globe is the Tap Room. The Tap Room is also located ... Read More »

Palmer Report July 15th

As quickly as it began summer will find its end. In some ways this is a good thing as the days have been hot but the nights can be oh so cool. In our small community it is not always easy to find an adult escape during these long summer days. I have a few recommendations on things to do with your evening. Whether you are looking to find some alone time with that special someone or out on the prowl to find a special someone, a night out with new friends and old is a great way to unwind and make memories. Friday July 15th Chris Kane Trio @ Wild Horses Saloon. Music Starts at 9pm. R.A.W. Karaoke @ Two Lanes Saloon. Starts at 9pm. Those with a birthday in July get a special gift. Cowboy Karaoke @ Shamrock Bar. Starts at 9pm. This event repeats every Friday. DJ Andy @ Jammerz Bar. Music starts at 9pm. Saturday July 16th Bobby G @ Wild Horses Saloon. Music Starts at 8pm. $1 off select cocktails for the ladies and gentlemen if they feel so inclined. Mighty Bison @ Jammerz Bar. Music starts at 8pm. Chris Kane Trio @ The New Liquor Stable. Music Starts ... Read More »

Palmer Report Independence Day Edition

Mountain folk tend to enjoy their independence. In Globe-Miami there is no exception. We like things the way we like them and there is nothing more to be said about it. Living in a mining community you develop a certain edge that can not be understood without experience. The people are kind but  hard, the handshakes are welcoming yet rough and smiles are only given with respect. I am proud to call Globe-Miami my home, proud to be in the United States of America and grateful for those who gave their lives to make mine possible. Here are a few spots in our area that offer a very pleasurable experience for those wishing to view fireworks in celebration of the 4th of July. Shamrock Bar Cold drinks and simple eats at the Shamrock Bar, located just off the U.S. 60 and Pineway in Claypool, Arizona. Miami Football Field Picnic with the family at the Miami Football Field, located on Ragus Road just behind Wal-Mart in Claypool, Arizona.     Judy’s Cookhouse Breakfast, lunch, dinner and then fireworks from the parking lot at Judy’s Cookhouse, located just off Highways 60 and 188 in Central Heights, Arizona.   Liquor Stables Drinks on the back patio at Liquor Stables Bar, located ... Read More »