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Boys & Girls Club changing its name; remains committed to community-based mission.

GLOBE- Despite rumors, the Globe Boys & Girls Club is not closing.

It’s just changing its name and part of its mission.

As of July 1, the Club will be called the Cobre Valley YOUTH Club (CVYC) and will no longer be under the umbrella of the Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley, which has been its parent company since 2012.

The current mission, which is to be a community-based, character-building youth development organization, will change only slightly with the new organization. The goal of CVYC will be to serve ages 5-10 with enrichment programs that make learning fun and rewarding while building character – much as it does now. The CVYC will be a safe, fun place for young people in these age groups to hang out, learn new things and have adventures. School day homework help will continue to be a focus for these ages.

Aimee Staten, who currently serves as the Branch Executive of the Boys and Girls Club, is overseeing the club transition to CVYC. She says she has had support from both the Boys and Girls Club of East Valley and her Board in this process. She will continue to serve as Executive Director of the new CVYC. Photo by LCGross

New name; new focus

 The new club will change its direction for Club members ages 11-18, however, and will focus more on shaping their futures with tutoring, intern opportunities, volunteering and college prep programs.  

“Our goal will be to demystify the high school and college experience so young people can actually prepare themselves in advance of college and the workforce,” said Fernando Shipley, chairman of CVYC.

Plans include involving local educators, agencies and experts to guide young people through the steps necessary to realize their goals rather than only encouraging them to dream. Several local business owners have expressed interest in being part of the process.

“The most important things we need to teach our children to do is dream and to never stop dreaming, then it’s our job to provide them with the experiences and opportunities that will help them follow those dreams,” Matt Storms, vice chair for CVYC, said. “We all want what’s best for our kids and our communities – that goes hand in hand. It’s our responsibility to show them that any dream is attainable with work and dedication.”

Aimee Staten, who is presently the branch executive of the Boys & Girls Club, will be the executive director of the Cobre Valley YOUTH Club and will ensure continuity of service for members and parents. “It is important to us that parents and members know we are here for them,” she said.

Matt Storms has served on the Board of the Globe Boys and Girls Club for nearly two years. He is happy with the change and says it is all about looking out for the best interest of the kids. He now serves as the Vice Chair of the Cobre Valley Youth Club (CVYC). Photo by LCGross

Club hours and fees will remain the same. The after-school program will be 3-6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. on Fridays. During the summer, the Club will be open 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Fees will continue to be $25 for an annual membership and $25 per individual or $40 per family per month during the school year. Summer rates are $30 per member or $50 per family per week.

East Valley CEO Mark Hanke recently wrote a letter to Club donors announcing the separation. “It has been an absolute pleasure serving the youth and teens of the Globe community,” he wrote. “We have worked hard to create an environment of growth and opportunity for the members and will turn the program over to the Cobre Valley Youth Club to continue where we have left off.”

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Local Youth

There are several ways to become part of the movement that will, ultimately, change the landscape for young people in this area. People can contribute financially by calling Fernando Shipley at 928-701-3424 or Matt Storms at 602-300-1685. They can also visit the Club at 1435 Hagen Rd.

The Club can also use volunteers in several different areas, including experts in business, environment, gardening, outdoor survival, canning and other self-reliance skills. The Club’s goal is to give young people exposure in various career fields and help them apply for scholarships, prepare for job interviews, etc.

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