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Growing Pains

I walked outside at mid-morning, beginning another sultry summer day the same as any other.  The humidity combined with the heat in Iowa July’s has become more unbearable for me as I have grown older, but at 11 years old, it was what helped to define summer; wet and hot, as though you were wading through thin water.  Summer was also defined by freedom from all things repressive; school, bullies at school, bullies on the way home from school, and the bully at home, dad.  Read More »

Things We Grow

With a little reflection, I’m sure that each and every one of us can remember an event or conversation in our lives that left an immense impression upon us, an impression that had little effect on us at the time, but instead became essential to our existence and being.  Our lives are filled with moments of meaninglessness on the grand scale, yet every now and again, something happens that moves us and redirects us onto a new path. Read More »