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4 Herbal Teas for Winter Health

Even Arizonans know that when the weather turns cool, it’s time to pull on warm clothes and start eating more hot foods and warming drinks – it’s a natural instinct that keeps us healthy. When I lived at Reevis Mountain School with Peter Bigfoot, I learned to use herbal teas as another, powerful way to protect my health and restore it when I got sick. Every day, winter or summer, rain or shine, we brewed a huge pitcher of tea – our beverage for the day. Peter chose the herb each day, depending on factors like the weather, the season, and any health needs among the group. For winter, he selected teas that are warming to the body, boost the immune system, and support kidney function. Here are four of Peter’s – and my own – favorite teas for winter. All of these herbs boast powerful natural antibiotic and antiviral properties. They can help you avoid colds and flu, or help you get well again if you do get sick. Read More »

When swallowing becomes a matter of life and death

3 Ways Dysphagia Can Shorten Your Life, and What to Do About It For most of us, ketchup is just a condiment, and chocolate sauce is a treat. But for Kate Proctor, ketchup and chocolate sauce are tools of her trade. That’s because her job is to help people eat. Kate is a speech-language pathologist at Heritage Health Care Center in Globe. Part of her job is to help people learn to speak again after a head injury, stroke or severe illness. She also works to improve patients’ ability to communicate when conditions like dementia hamper speech. But Kate’s favorite area is a condition called dysphagia. Dysphagia – pronounced dis-FAY-gee-ah – refers to problems with swallowing. The ability to swallow is important because it affects the ability to eat. And it’s fairly common, affecting about 15 out of 100 elderly people. That number, however, is much higher in nursing homes, where about 7 out of 10 have swallow problems. Swallow problems tend to get worse as we age, Kate says. According to Kate, there are three ways swallow problems can shorten a person’s life: 1. “First, you can choke and die from lack of oxygen, or the event can cause ... Read More »

How to Conquer the Fear of Falling and Lead a Full Life.

Seniors living the good life.

    If you’re afraid of falling, you’re not alone. Many people, as they get older, begin to fear falling and the potential injury that can come from a fall. As a result, they begin to limit their activities and social engagements. Enjoyment of life decreases, and the fear of falling can lead to a downward spiral of physical decline, social isolation, loneliness and depression. But it’s possible to avoid this negative chain of events and stay active – while reducing your chances of a fall, too. By learning some simple guidelines for preventing falls, you can reduce the chances of falling in your home. And by staying active, you can maintain your physical strength and balance to reduce the chances of falling even further. It’s wise to be careful about avoiding falls. For older Americans, falls are the number one cause of injuries as well as deaths from injuries. The consequences of a fall can be severe, including fractures, dislocations, head trauma and soft tissue injuries. Every year, falls result in 800,000 visits to the hospital and 27,000 deaths, according to the National Council on Aging. Read More »

Community makes Cobre Valley Youth Club opening a success

It’s always risky to step away from the familiar, but when it comes to making a community a better place for its young people, the former advisory board of the Boys & Girls Club was willing. All it needed was to find others who could catch the vision, and it did. From the moment the local Club partnered with the East Valley Boys & Girls Club, it was understood that it would need to find a way to become independent some day. That day was July 1, 2017. In addition to program funding, Club then needed support to buy a new bus or van, administrative and youth computers and for the branding of its new name. Several people and agencies helped provide that funding. Read More »

Tickets on sale for Globe Miami Concert Associations’ new season

The Globe-Miami Community Concert Association announces its 2017/2018 season of professional music performances for the entire community to enjoy. This year GMCCA is bringing six performing groups, ranging from an oldies tribute band to a classical Christmas concert. Concerts take place at Miami High or High Desert Middle School and are a great opportunity for a low-cost, enjoyable evening out. This year’s performers and dates are: October 10: Southwest Surfers is a tribute to the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Frankie Valli, Elvis, and the memorable songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Break out your Hawaiian shirts and bleeding madras! 7 p.m. at High Desert Middle School. November 7: We3 was named in tribute to the Ink Spots’ song and is composed of a pianist, a violinist, and a vocalist—who happens to be the daughter of the lead tenor for the Ink Spots! The trio will perform a variety of jazz, swing, blues, standards, pop, and R&B. 7 p.m. at Miami High School. Read More »

Globe-Miami Local Google goes by the name One Call

When you have an important question that you need the answer to, who do you call? Maybe you ask a friend or relative if they know the answer. Maybe you get online and search the internet. But what if your question is something about health care in Globe or Miami, or about local social services? What if you need to know about housing, or would like help with a financial issue? These are systems that can be hard to navigate and find the reliable information you need. When you have questions like these, there’s someone right here in town you can call—our own local form of Google. Her name is Margo Badilla. Read More »

A matter of perspective. Michaele Cozzi: Three decades as a documentary photographer.

Michaele Cozzi’s photography studio in Superior is a study in black and white. The cinder-block walls are painted white; the concrete floor is dark and glossy. Attached to the walls, floor-to-ceiling panels of concrete reinforcement mesh serve as a vertical work space. Clipped to the wires with clothespins and black metal clamps are black-and-white photographs – hundreds of them. Some are small enough to hold in your hand, and some are large, as wide as a door. Read More »

Globe-Miami’s Antique Shops

What could be finer than sauntering in the Arizona sunshine from one cool, friendly shop to another, finding troves of treasures, whimsy, and history? The sixteen antique and vintage shops of Globe-Miami are clustered in the two towns’ historic districts, and most are within easy walking distance of one another. For visitors from the Valley of the Sun, a fall weekend of antiquing in Globe-Miami offers a refreshing respite from the Phoenix heat and an opportunity to explore and shop in a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere, rich in history. Globe Yesterday’s Treasures (209 Hackney Ave.) is part antique shop, part thrift store. After descending the steps to the porch, continue straight ahead on the sidewalk to the far end of the building to find the antiques. Some lovely pieces of furniture and glassware – among much more – are available here, so don’t be put off by the children’s toys and clothing in the front portion of the shop. Open Monday through Saturday 9 to 5.  A wide array of antiques and collectibles, including booths devoted to Western wear and vintage boots, country decor, kitchenware, vintage clothing and furs, and Western Americana, are to be found at the Globe Antique Mall. ... Read More »

Artist Patty Sjolin of Miami: From Concept Artist to Muralist

“I always wanted to [create] a character that would live forever and ever, that everyone knows,” Patty Sjolin says. “I want it to give that feeling in your heart.” Sjolin is an artist who started out in a small town in Texas, but whose concepts have reached around the world and been loved by millions of young girls. During the 1990s, Sjolin worked at Lisa Frank Inc., one of the world’s most creative and successful design companies at the time, known internationally for its school supplies, toys, and clothing for girls with colorful, whimsical designs featuring cute animals. Sjolin came to Miami last March to be near her daughter and grandson, and has been establishing a new career here as a painter and muralist. “Art has always been part of my life,” Sjolin says. She started drawing and painting when she was still a young child. “I drew all the time, all the time,” she recalls. In high school Sjolin was known for creating posters and signs for school activities. She left home at 18 and began to travel around the country looking for a new home. Unable to afford canvases, she painted on saw blades and giant catulpa leaves ... Read More »

Gary Vessels: Globe-Miami’s Cotton Man

If you’ve ever heard Gary Vessels talk about cotton, you know what a passion for your work sounds like. Vessels, who lives in Miami, is a cotton broker and has been in the cotton business for 44 years. He will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about cotton, from how Napoleon spurred the cotton industry in Western Europe to how many strands of lint there are in a cotton boll. He got his start in the business when he was a student at Phoenix College, looking for a temporary job. He answered an ad: Wanted: big, husky warehouseman. Gary says, “I’ve always been a hard worker. I’m probably the only person that realized a broom did not come with an electric cord. There were two other people from Phoenix College that answered the ad. One lasted a month, one lasted a week, I lasted 22 years.”    Read More »