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Flooding concerns prompt City to suspend vacations and reassign staff to clearing washes.

The City of Globe declared a State of Emergency last night during a special meeting held at City Hall.  The declaration allows for more legal and operational latitude by Mayor and Council in managing the very real threat of flooding which the City is facing as a result of the Pinal Fire.  It was announced last night that all scheduled vacations have been suspended and staff are being reassigned to work on the flooding concern.  Read More »

County threatened by flooding after Pinal Fire moves to mitigate possible damage.

The question is not if flooding will occur, but when it will come and how much damage it may do. At a community meeting in Globe Tuesday night, experts from multiple agencies and local government addressed the threat of flooding in this area as a result of the fire which burned over 7000 acres throughout much of May and June in the Pinal mountains.  In satellite images provided by the forest service, significant swaths of the Pinals show high to moderate burn severity which means when the monsoon rains do come this summer there will be little to stop the water from picking up the fine ash left by the fire and flowing downhill at greater velocity, and with more debris than before. Read More »

Public invited to Community Meeting Sunday May 21 to discuss Pinal Fire

The Pinal Fire which began on May 8th due to a lightening strike is a controlled burn which now covers over 1400 acres. It is being allowed to burn underbrush which has accumulated in the area for nearly 65 years since the last fire in 1952.   Read More »

Sheriff Department announces seizure of marijuana and oxycodone pills worth over $40,000.

GILA COUNTY- During a traffic stop near Pine, on Hwy 87 milepost 252, Gila County Sheriff detectives from the Drug Task Force discovered approximately 12 bundles of hydroponic marijuana and 57 oxycodone pills, a narcotic drug. The vehicle along with $281 in cash was seized as a part of this investigation. The street value of the marijuana is estimated at $39,000 and the street value of the oxycodone narcotic pills at $1,710. The stop, which occurred on April 11, 2017, at approximately 4:30 a.m, included a canine search which alerted deputies to the possible drugs.  As a result of the investigation Jimmy Brown and Amanda Wellington, both age 20, were arrested and booked into Gila County Jail for the Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana for Sale, Transportation of Marijuana for Sale, Possession of a Narcotic Drug, Possession of a Narcotic Drug for Sale, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.   The Gila County Sheriff’s Office is committed to continuing an aggressive stance on the drug problems that impact our communities. Sheriff J. Adam Shepherd would like to thank the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission for their continued funding of the Gila County Drug, Gang, and Violent Crimes Task Force which makes operations such as this ... Read More »

Warning to Globe utility customers paying online

Globe recently discovered that a third-party on-line bill pay website which is designed to look like it is affiliated with the city  has been collecting payments from local citizens who pay their bills online. The company, DOXO.com charges a fee and has created issues of late-pay notices despite customers paying Doxo on time.   It should be noted that, while third-party sites are legal, not all third-party sites are equal. And this one is causing problems in the Globe area.  DOXO.com is based in California and is able to reach Globe customers who search for online bill pay in the area because their Google listing is the first one that shows up on a google search. Local residents think they are going to Globe’s bill pay site when they are actually going to DOXO. Linda Oddonetto, Executive Assistant to Globe’s city manager, said the City was just made aware of the fact recently when they had to resolve an issue for a customer who had paid through Doxo and yet their account was tagged as delinquent.   The City is now trying to get the word out to customers about this issue.   Please note: The City of Globe does offer an online payment system ... Read More »

Local Vet sees 1st snakebite of the year

Think of the Arizona desert, and the first things that come to mind are probably heat, saguaro cactus―and rattlesnakes. As the saying goes, practically everything in the desert will “stick you, sting you, bite you or burn you.” But for newcomers to the Southwestern desert, the scariest hazard is probably the rattlesnake: that fearsome serpent that lies in wait, coiled under the nearest prickly pear, ready to strike at anyone who comes near. Read More »

A Greek Monastery in the Sonoran Desert

This was first published in print for our Winter Issue in 2011 and later published online, February 5th, 2011. I had heard about St.Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery (located just south of Florence) years ago, and I finally made the time to visit it in June 2011. Although I am not Orthodox, the visit was a spiritual experience for me in much the same way any place of serene beauty confirms the presence of a Greater Hand at work in the universe. The monastery is out in the desert and seems to be an unlikely spot for such beauty since the desert south of Florence is a fairly non-descript flat expanse of the Sonoran Desert. You’ll see a lot of greasewood, shrub brush, and cholla cactus, but that’s about it. However, the monastery compound stands out because of the various kinds of stately palm trees that grace the grounds and its orchards and olive groves. Read More »

1909 was a very good year for Globe

Before looking ahead at our own New Year quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to look back to 1910 when the local newspaper, the Arizona Silver Belt ran a full page article on Globe, with the bold headline: “Growth Phenomenal During Year Just Closed” Globe Outdistances All Rivals In Growth “When Globe ushered in the new year at midnight, this morning, it left behind one of the most prosperous years in the history of this, the most thriving mining city in the territory.” The article, as it was written is quite dense and the scan makes it hard to read, so I have listed a few of the highlights from that most prosperous of all years – 1909.  Growth of Globe *The population of Globe increased 20% ending with nearly 13,000 people in Globe proper. Contributing to this, according to the article, were new mining camps and new towns, “of which Miami is a notable example.” *The city’s wealth also increased and ended the year with nearly three-quarters of a million dollars more in worth in taxable property than the year before. *The largest bulk of this increase came from the addition of a dozen new businesses and public ... Read More »

Miami Rotary gets Cath Lab Tour

If you are having a heart attack, time counts, so it’s best not to spend precious time  driving to the Valley before you can be seen by medical professionals. Dr. Abdul Menom, who has recently been brought on board to head CVRMCs new million dollar cath lab, told a group of local rotarians that the first hour after the onset of a heart attack is critical. If a patient can be treated within that first hour, the chances for a good outcome skyrocket.  Menom is a trained interventional cardiologist which involves specialized training to perform catheterization and other minimally invasive procedures.   During a luncheon meeting at the hospital on Wednesday, CEO Neal Jensen introduced Dr. Menom to members of the Miami Rotary and said there are those who say a rural hospitals don’t need to invest in a cath lab. And yet, Jensen pointed out, when you look at the math – not just the golden hour which leads to better outcomes  – but the ability to treat more patients locally, it makes sense. The addition of the lab and Dr. Menom’s team means not only will individuals who present symptoms be seen faster and treated locally, but those who are have to ... Read More »

Masons host annual Clothe a Child at Bealls Outlet

It was only 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning and already the parking lot was full and the lights were on at Bealls Outlet in the Walmart center.  Select families with small children were arriving for their appointed shopping spree thanks to the White Mountain Lodge and a program they launched several years ago to support area kids at Christmas time. Jim Rasmussen is a member of the White Mountain Lodge and says they team up every year with local retailer, Bealls Outlet to make this holiday season alittle happier for local children ages five to ten years old who might not otherwise get much under the tree. Volunteers are on hand to help parents and children pick out items and their purchases are made possible through donations made to the White Mountain Lodge#3 in the name of the Dave Johnson Memorial Clothe a Child fund. Approximately thirty children are selected for the program with fifteen children from Globe and fifteen children from Destiny. According to Rasmussen, this was the first year this program did not include Miami because another group came in from Saddlebrook and took Miami kids under their wing.  Read More »