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Pinal Fire UPDATE

May 24, 2017 Fire caused by lightning May 8 in Tonto National Forest, Globe Ranger District, 6 miles south of Globe near Pioneer Pass. Current size: 3,927 acres Containment: 21% Smoke:  Smoke levels may increase over the next few days due to weather conditions and fire growth. Smoke management specialists are continuing to monitor smoke conditions in close coordination with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and Gila County Office of Emergency Management. If you have respiratory problems or are sensitive to smoke, either stay indoors with windows closed or, if possible, relocate to someplace away from the smoke. If symptoms persist or become more severe, please contact your primary care provider as soon as possible. For more information, see http://legacy.azdeq.gov/environ/air/smoke/download/fire_smoke_your_health_brochure.pdf. Fire Behavior: The fire intensity will pick up as the weather patterns grow hotter and dryer and will continue to spread through the underbrush and duff. Yesterday, May 23, the fire encountered pockets of dense vegetation and brush and became quite active for a few hours. This created a great deal of smoke, some of which settled in and around Globe overnight. Values at Risk: No structures have been damaged or destroyed. No evacuations anticipated. Restrictions & Closures: A closure order ... Read More »

State prison unit in Globe not closing

Prison Wire. Photo by LCGross

The Arizona State Prison unit in Globe will not be closing, according to the Deputy Warden’s office. It was being considered for closure – along with a unit in the Safford area – because of low inmate numbers statewide and low staffing. “We are down more than 1,200 inmates across the state,” said Terry Willard, administrative secretary to the deputy warden for Globe. The unit was also being considered for closure because of low staffing. Globe Mayor Al Gameros told Globe Miami Times that he would be attending a meeting soon about the staffing issue, but he was glad the prison unit was not closing. “I’m not sure why there is a staffing issue, but we will meet to discuss that,” he said. Read More »

Updated: Pinal Fire at more than 700 acres

Globe area residents are warned to expect increased smoke from the Pinal Fire as it spreads through Ponderosa pine and conifer stringers. A Temporary Flight Restriction of 15 miles long by 7 miles wide has been placed over the Pinal Fire area encompassing Pioneer Campground, the 55-651 roads, and around the north side of the ridge. “Smoke management specialists are monitoring smoke conditions in close coordination with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and Gila County Office of Emergency Management,” according to Andrew Mandell, incident commander. The lightning-caused fire that started May 8 on Pinal Mountain is now at 700 acres, and its smoke is clearly visible in the Globe area. A closure order went into effect at 6 a.m. Tuesday and will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. The last wildfire in the area was in 1952, so crews will encourage low-intensity surface fire to burn away accumulations of live and dead plant material to prevent future devastating wildfire. Read More »

Injured man rescued after a motorcycle crash in remote area

Balazs Pongracz, 50, of Venice, Calif., was involved in a motorcycle accident south of Globe in the Pioneer Basin on May 8 that resulted in a leg injury. According to a news release, the Gila County Sheriff’s Office received the 911 call at about 3:27 p.m., and the injured man said he was “doing O.K., his phone was charged and he had food and water,” according to the Sheriff’s Office news release. Deputies and the Search and Rescue coordinator responded to the area and located Pongrazc at 5 p.m., and the injured man was transported to the Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center. He was later flown to Banner Desert Hospital for treatment. In addition to the Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue, Tri City Fire Department and Native Air responded and helped coordinate the rescue effort. Read More »

Africanized bees swarming Globe Miami area

Don’t swat them for any reason Spring is a special time of year when nature comes alive with beauty and color, but danger awaits the unwary in the form of thousands of tiny bees. Reports of Africanized bees swarming along the Arizona Eastern railroad and in trees around the Globe Miami area have become more frequent recently, and attacks have been publicized all over the state of Arizona.   An 11-year-old was stung more than 400 times in Safford last month after shooting an abandoned car with a BB gun. He spent about a week at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and had recovered his health, but his grandmother, Petrea Kunz, said he now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. A horse in Prescott was killed by an attack of Africanized bees last week. One of the ways to tell if you are getting too close to a hive or swarm is by the behavior of the bees. Bees will begin to “bump” a person as a warning sign that they have wandered too close for comfort of the queen bee. Scientific American, an online information site, gives the following advice for how to avoid an attack. Wear light-colored clothing. Honeybees have evolved ... Read More »

Missing Copper Rim girl found at friend’s house

A five-year-old Copper Rim student was located at a friend’s house in Pueblo Heights this afternoon. She was unharmed and had apparently decided that she would take a school bus to visit her friend. The Boys & Girls Club was one of the agencies called during the search for the Kindergartner this afternoon. In fact, the Club was called several times and visited by two District personnel. A phone call to another Copper Rim revealed that the girl had taken the bus to her friend’s house, and that information was confirmed by several kids at the Club. A district representative arrived at the Club with the intent of talking to one of the girl’s friends (with permission from the Club member’s parent), and she and other Club members confirmed to the woman the missing girl had been on the bus with them. Erika Flores, a first-grade teacher at Copper Rim, was among numerous school and district staff making phone calls that led to student’s location. She said she was grateful the missing student’s friends were able to help. “We are so grateful to these two special little girls who were able to give us such great information,” she wrote. “They helped us find their friend.”   Read More »

Aquatic Center hits first big bump but not defeated

The dream is a regional aquatic center to serve all of the Globe Miami area, but there are a few substantial hurdles to get over before the first big splash.  Senate Bill 1416 was designed to create a revitalization tax district that included the county, the municipalities of Globe and Miami, as well as two school districts. It passed the state Senate in February but was never assigned to the agenda for the House and died. Globe City Manager Paul Jepson said one of the reasons it failed to get traction was the county (Gila) went neutral. “We got it through Senate, but it was tough,” he said. “The bill was never assigned to the agenda, and that killed it.” Read More »

Old Dominion Mine Park: Far more than a glimpse of the past

The Old Dominion Mike Park allows the public to hike among the ruins of what once was Globe's greatest mining operation. Photo by LCGross

There are few places in Arizona that allow one to simultaneously stand in the present and experience the past as vividly as the Old Dominion Mine Park in Globe. Seen through the eyes of a woman who considered herself an outsider some 19 years ago, the park is simultaneously a valuable receptacle of area history while offering learning and tourist opportunities to the community now and in the future. Dr. Thea Wilshire, previous chairman of the Old Dominion Historic Mine Park Committee for 17 years, rarely thought of the park as a future collection of play areas and hiking trails. Read More »

Devastating fire burns two homes at Top of the World

A tiny spark started a blaze that quickly consumed two trailer homes, several vehicles and other structures at Top of the Mountain on Wednesday. A resident of one of the trailers at the back of the Oaks Trailer Part at 52744 E. Hwy. 60 was apparently working on his vehicle when a spark ignited a fire that completely consumed his garage, his home, and, by the time Superior firefighters arrived in a tender truck with 1,800 gallons of water on board, half of a neighboring home. Read More »

Something different and delicious for Globe-Miami

Globe Miami Times features Jordan Baker and Vida E Cafe

When clients call Jordan Johnson, they are looking for something a little different, and that’s what she aims to give them. Johnson may be better known to some as the face behind the famous (and soon to re-open) Vida E Café, but there is much more to her than sandwiches, salads and coffee. She also runs a catering company under the same name. Her catering clients – as opposed to her customers at Vida E Café – know her as the creative energy behind elaborate five-course meals served in the comfort of their homes, as well as meals and hors d’oeuvres for graduations, weddings, galas and other local events. Read More »